UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro Case Gives is a Perfect Blend of Style and Protection

UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro Case

Urban Armor Gear, more popularly known as UAG, has been a leader in the phone cases when it comes to your phone protection. I have been an avid user of UAG cases for a long time now and it did not ever disappoint. UAG has a variety of cases for almost all of the flagship phones from various brands. I bought for myself the UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro case. Well, the came variants have been marked under the UAG Pathfinder SE series and I got the Midnight color. The complete review of the UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro case is live on our YouTube channel and I am embedding it here for you to watch right away:

Feel and Built

At the very first glance, a UAG case might not please you aesthetically but if you go into the details then you will actually realize that it is tailor made to give ultimate protection to your iPhone. The cases are tough, strong and can also withstand a fall from over 15000 feet. If you truly believe that your iPhone must be protected from all kinds of possible damages, then these are the perfect companions for your iPhone. Along with the hardness, the rubbery buttons wouldn’t let you lose your grip. The case weighs just about 30 grams and you have three color options in the UAG Pathfinder SE Camo Series- Forest, Arctic and Midnight.

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Although the case looks a little bulky, the feather-light composite construction keep it light in terms of weight so that it doesn’t feel heavy when you pop in the phone. The armor shell is present with impact resistant soft core and scratch resistant skid pads that provide a good protection to the screen. The UAG cases are MIL-SPEC (810G – 516.6) Drop Tested and come with 2 layers of protection.

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Most of the times the strong cases also restrict an accessibility to the phone and some of its ports but due to enormous efforts, astonishing design and flabbergasting architecture fused into a single case, these cases from UAG also allow you to use all the ports and buttons while the phone is in the case. It’s also easy and convenient to put the cover on and off as the case has stretchable edges. The volume rocker and lock button are clicky and give a great feedback. It is easy to access the Sleep/Wake switcher.

UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro Case: Price, Warranty and Availability

As per my experience, I highly recommend you to go for the UAG Pathfinder case if you are looking to protect your iPhone and at the same time adding style to it. The UAG Pathfinder case for iPhone 11 Pro comes with 1 year warranty and you also get free worldwide shipping if you order directly from the Urban Armor Gear website. The case is available for Rs 3599 on and you can buy it right away using the link below:

Buy UAG Pathfinder iPhone 11 Pro Case now from: