Today we have a different one for you. There are many fans in the market for different things, one of them is Gaming. The world of gaming is one that never ceases to expand and any PC gamer worth his salt knows that you can’t be on the top of your game without a reliable gaming mouse by your side. So today this one is for the gamers out there. We present our favorite list of top 5 gaming mice under Rs. 1500.

  1. Dragonwar Leviathan ELE-G1 Gaming Laser Mouse


Dragonwar has always been a company that gamers have relied on for affordable accessories. One of their most popular series remain the Leviathan and now with the launch of ELE-G1 things sure have taken quite a turn.  The G1 has a plethora of features that make it handy in various situations. This mouse comes with an adjustable dpi interface of up to 3200. For those who don’t know what dpi is, it means how fast the cursor of your mouse moves. This can be adjusted to be low or high so low dpi is slow speed and high vice versa.

5 programmable control buttons are also present which are strategically placed on the sides and top. The mouse also comes with a braided cable that will withstand some amount of damage like wear and tear and minor cuts. The length of the cable is 1.8 m which is long enough for everyday setups.

The design has been made to be ergonomic that will perfectly fit right-handers. The added laser technology makes the mouse easier to operate on various surfaces. For the features, the G1 offers and the price that is asked for it, Dragonwar sure has made a gem. Check it out.

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  1. Logitech G90 Optical Gaming Mouse


One of the most reliable and impressionable companies out there Logitech is one that has made its name in the market long ago and is always looking out to expand. Even though this particular mouse was launched back in 2014 it still remains one of the best out there.

The G90 comes with dpi expandable up to 2500. No programmable buttons are present possibly because Logitech wanted to save space on the model. The G90 uses a technology called Delta Zero Sensor which is prevalent in all Logitech products that give faster response time as fast as 2 milliseconds.

The design has been made to be ambidextrous so that both hand users can effectively use it. Logitech also took the initiative to launch Logitech Gaming Software which enables users to customize their products from their desktop itself. What the G90 lacks in technical features it makes up by coming from such a reliable company and its beautiful design. Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor Bluetrack Gaming Mouse With Marco Function


For gamers who don’t mind spending a bit more to get the better end of the stick Dragon has Thor. The is basically one up from the G1 even though its name may suggest much more.

The Thor comes armed with 9 programmable buttons which are more than enough in any scenario. These buttons can be configured in the game and on desktop giving flexibility to the user. Not to mention the dpi that goes to 3200 and can be switched easily by the custom switcher panel. The 4 settings to switch dpi give gamers the command to quickly adapt their mouse according to the battle map.

The mouse also comes with a small amount of memory that allows users to store their custom profiles onboard. The macro function ensures that the Thor runs on any computer it is connected to. The LED lighting that is installed in almost any every Dragonwar product also give an added bonus to the aesthetics of the already beautiful mouse.

You also get a free Dragonwar tactical mousepad if you order it on Amazon soon. So, go ahead and seal the deal right now.

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  1. TeckNet GM299 RAPTOR Pro Programmable Gaming Mouse, 8 Buttons, 7000dPI, 1000Hz Return Rate, Fire Power Button, Weight Tuning Cartridge


Behold Tecknet! A company that is relatively new in the market but is hell-bent on making a name for itself. The Raptor model that is brand new has been one that has caught the eyes of many as it comes with features at a low price that many companies charge a premium for.

The Raptor comes with dpi that goes all the way to 7000! Anything above 5000 starts to become a little unnecessary but TeckNet made sure to go overboard and get the number this high. Rest assured, 7000 dpi is more than enough for gamers to score.

Another astounding feature is the unique Fire Power button that enables gamers to triple fire just by one click, therefore, annihilating their enemies. That combined with the 8 programmable buttons that come pre-fitted, this one is a deadly combo. The unique weight tuning cartridge is a surefire way to tip the odds in your favor by customizing the mouse’s weight according to your playstyle and methods. This technology uses magnetic weights that are fitted under the mouse.

Even though the mouse goes above the 1K mark in price, the features offered far outweigh the cost. The Raptor is definitely a serious competitor to brands like Logitech and Dragonwar and just might catapult TeckNet to great heights.

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  1. Logitech G300s Optical Gaming Mouse


Coming to the mouse that stands on the very line of the 1500 budget, The Logitech G300s is a fine mouse with many impressive qualities. The focus on this mouse is not as much in its features as it is one its design and aesthetics.

The curved ambidextrous shape is balanced from all sides and fits the hand perfectly be it whether left or right. Molded plastic is installed on the sides so when the mouse is gripped tight, it stays there. The top of the mouse contains the Logitech logo along with all the programmable buttons that are customizable through the Logitech Gaming Software.

Coming to the technical side, the G300s comes with dpi of 2500 that can quickly be adjusted like all Logitech mice. The Onboard memory ensures that you don’t lose your custom profiles no matter which computer you connect it to. The impressive 1 Millisecond report rate is something that is not found in almost any gaming mouse and this is one of the G300s strongest pros.

When it comes to durability the name Logitech is enough to calm your worries as the mouse is made with special plastic that will withstand years of damage. Logitech has also deployed a special type of mouse base feet known as low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet that claim to eliminate almost all friction on any surface thereby giving maximum comfort and precision.

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So here was the list of the Top 5 Gaming Mice under Rs. 1500. We thought to make this one a little different as the market tends to focus more on smartphones now and seems to leave out the Gaming world. Not doing this just seemed a shame especially considering the writer happens to be a gamer himself.

We would love to know if there was something we missed in the list of top 5 gaming mice. Feel free to comment below!