As consumers, we have a habit of not trusting things at first sight as we don’t want our hard-earned money to go to waste on an appliance that doesn’t even work. Back in the old days, people used to just go to stores and buy electronics they wanted without a second thought. The only testimonials they took were from their neighbors or relatives. However, times have now changed.

As a tech writer, I am often online looking for new stuff I can buy while getting a bang for my buck but one of the most frequent problems I run into is how do I trust the product? The most obvious answer happens to be product reviews and rating but the catch with that is how often they are tampered with and most frequently entirely absent which is frankly a deal breaker for me.

I recently happened upon a site which drew my eyes as I saw it as a potential solution for my problems. TheReviewIndex is a site that provides reviews and ratings on products on its database. Upon looking deeper, I found out the reviews are gathered from other sites using machine edge algorithms which they call ‘Cutting Edge’.


I then proceeded to do some back story on TheReviewIndex as by now I was very curious about who started this venture and why exactly. As it turns out the website was started in August 2016 by two founders who happen to veterans in the software development world. Both the founders have had previous experience in Google and both encountered the same problem we all do on a regular basis when we go online to buy that one product. Upon looking closer I observed a lot of stuff that I will categorize for your ease.

Design & User Interface


The design of the website is very simplistic and that for a guy like me is very good news as I like things organised and TheReviewIndex does a pretty good job at it. The home page houses the different categories of products the site caters that includes Mobiles, Televisions, Speakers and more. Along with the classification, I was greeted by a little slideshow that walked me through of what the website is and how it functions. The design was neat & crisp in its form which is very impressive.

The User Interface like the design has been built with simplicity in mind. Navigating around TheReviewIndex is not difficult at all as the tabs are very distinctive and a monochrome theme has been used along with colors that come with the products and few others. Clicking a category takes you to a list of items that is presented in a neat manner. The search filter is on the left side while ratings are displayed on the products themselves. The search tab comes customarily.

I really liked the fact that TheReviewIndex kept things simple and sober with the design and interface as I have been to a lot of sites that are very flashy but can’t deliver anything when it comes down to it.



The reviews displayed on TheReviewIndex have been carefully mined from different E-Retail sites and general review sites around the Internet. The reviews of each product have been divided further into the specific parameters they matter in. For instance, I was looking for a router that could provide me ample range and connection quality. Upon coming to a specific router, I looked for reviews down below and I saw that they had been divided into pointers such as installation, software, reliability etc. These sections further contained actual reviews from other customers who had mentioned the specific keywords in their take. Looking back now it is truly remarkable how TheReviewIndex works as along with the reviews in different sections the product ratings were also present.

These ratings were then gathered and a list was made that showed where my particular router stood and how good it actually was. Coming back to the product page I further noticed that a detailed list of pros and cons was also provided that further helped me come to a decision. The buy link was just below the product that took me to the E- Retail giant Flipkart.

I had often struggled with product comparisons in the past as no testimonials are usually provided online that help come to a decision but TheReviewIndex thoroughly solved that with gathering the reviews and ratings from all the sites into one place. Along with the comparison section that let me compare many different routers, I really loved the entire idea behind this design.

What Makes It Different


So, what makes TheReviewIndex so different from other sites? The fact is many ideas replicate one another but this one takes the cake for me. I have been to other websites that claim to provide similar deals and offers but when it comes down to it, they aren’t up to it. TheReviewIndex is a website that has taken execution seriously and really worked on it.

The website design is simple and impressive, the reviews are honest and organised. The lists are genuine and they check out completely (Don’t worry I checked). As far as I could see it, I saw no loopholes that could have fouled my experience up. Some people might find the design a little too simple for their taste and to them, I request that they value Brains Over Beauty. You just might be surprised.

Is It Actually Useful?

Router Page- Thereviewindex

A lot of ideas are generated every single day in this massive world but seldom people stop to ask ‘If they should’. We are so stuck on ‘If we could’ we lose the entire essence of the idea itself. However, TheReviewIndex is not the case at all. Not only the ideas that went behind it are very useful, they are quite something I haven’t seen something in a long time and believe me when I say I have seen a lot on the Internet!

Thanks to TheReviewIndex some of my faith in online shopping is coming back. As I mentioned already, I am very careful about where I spend my money and it pains me when the product is right in front of me but I can’t buy because I don’t see one genuine review. After visiting this site though I happily found not only reviews but also ratings that gave me a very clear view of what I was after and why it was worth buying.

I am positive when I say that potential customers who suffer from the same fear as me will love and will find a use for it in their daily life without having to shell out a single buck. (Besides the purchase of course). Reviewing this website wasn’t something that I was planning but stumbling upon it and actually using it really intrigued me, to say the least and well here I am.

If you are still in doubt, wait no more and check out and try for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!