Hi there!

We know you have worked your ass off for your startup and made innumerable sacrifices for it too. Share your story now! With your readers/users/believers. They would love to hear about how you reached here and what means you took to make your mark (including the pints you guzzled down)

Gadget Adda is all about passionate people like you with stories to tell and creations that touch and change lives. We have been telling our users about latest news and happenings in the tech world. As a part of our endeavor to make our reader’s aware of what’s hot while symbiotically sharing “How you made it” to give people a bite of real world and what fuels it we came up with this initiative.

1. Free Submission Of Your Startup

We will ask you some questions about your startup and that’s how we get going with the process. Submit a request here and someone from our team will get back to you in a few hours.

Note: We will try our best to feature  your request earliest possible but due to content analysis and subsequent compilation to provide quality readership experience and limited team size it may take understandable amount of time. We are more than excited to talk about you.

Don’t feel like waiting? We have a Swift Submission option (published within 72 hours).

2. Swift Submission

Ok. Too awesome a product to tell about? And you don’t want to be kept waiting. Then for a quick consideration and feature of your startup/product within 72 hours drop us a mail at contact [at] gadgetadda [dot] com.

This would come at an extremely economical fee.*

3. Infographic Review

An infographic review will comprise of all the information and figures that you provide us. All of it would be put in an interactive and creative manner so that a reader learns about your product/service in one go.

*Terms and Conditions apply