PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

With videos having gained so much importance in the last few years, it is really important to have access to a good video editing app and it gets even better if you have it with you in your smartphone. Today, we are talking about the PicsArt video editor app which is available as a free download on both Android and iOS. PicsArt is a simple video editor consisting of professional-grade editing tools.

PicsArt Video Editor Features

Let’s go ahead and talk about the best features of the PicsArt video editor app:

Ease of Use
You don’t have to be professional editor to edit your videos on PicsArt. Just download the PicsArt app and start right away with the flexible and intuitive tools available in the app. As soon as you select a video to be edited, you will be welcomed with all the tools and options you can use to come out with a video that’s on your mind.

Add Text to Videos
Using the text tool, you can add titles, descriptions and subtitles to your videos. There are a number of fonts to choose from. You also get access to edit color, size, opacity, shadow and much more. With PicsArt Gold subscription, you can even highlight or bend the text.

Add Music to Videos
In comes the part where you want to add music to your video to make it more catchy. With the Music option, you get access to a number of licensed stock tracks, or you could even use the AI Music option to let the PicsArt app suggest music from your video. With Gold subscription, you can even extract music from an existing video on your device, or even do a voiceover.

PicsArt Photo and Video Editor

Animated Transitions
Once you split your videos into different parts, you need some good transitions to add impact to the video. There are a lot of options in the Effects tool to experiment from.

Resize and Trim Video
There are a number of resolutions available to which you can resize your video- Instagram post, Instagram story, YouTube, Facebook and more. You can even set it to a custom resolution of your choice. Use the Fit option to resize your video. To trim the video, use the timeline that is available at the bottom and drag from the end to trim. You can even crop the video to a specific size from the available options or do a free crop.

FreeToEdit Photos
There are number of photos available in the PicsArt video which you can use and even edit in your videos.

Reverse and Freeze Video
With PicsArt Gold subscription, you can reverse a video to run from end to start or even freeze a part of it to lay more impact on a specific portion of the video. You can also change the speed of the video from 0.2x to 5x.

Quick Results
Using the efficient tools in the PicsArt video editor app, you can cut on your editing time and create impressive content in as less as 3 minutes.

Once you are done editing the video, you can now save it on your device. You also get to choose the fps and resolution before saving the video. As a Gold member, you can also save it as a GIF. Download the PicsArt Photo and Video Editor app using the buttons below:

PicsArt Gold membership starts from Rs 399 monthly to Rs 1849 for a year. By going to, you also edit your photos and videos online in a jiffy. PicsArt Photo and Video Editor app is indeed an impressive app for your editing needs and I would definitely recommend it if you are into creating content for Instagram Reels or any other social media platform.