LuckyCrush live random video chat

Tired of swiping right on Tinder and Bumble? With the impact of COVID-19 across the globe, it has become difficult to go out and meet new people and this is where the site LuckyCrush comes into picture. Being a live random video chat site, cam chat for straight adult people, it allows you to connect with random partners and get into a live video chat. In a way, LuckyCrush is your way out of loneliness.

LuckyCrush: How it Works

The site is currently optimised for straight adult people. On opening the LuckyCrush site, you are asked to select your gender and then shown how many women and men are currently online. Now all you have to do is click on ‘Start Chatting’ and you will be matched to a random woman if you are a man and to a random man if you are a woman, all this without even signing up. You can chat, speak out loud or even write while seeing each other via the webcam. Clicking on ‘Next’ allows you to change to a new random partner to chat with. The chat can last for seconds to hours as long as neither of you hit the Next button.

LuckyCrush is not a dating site. It is rather a chat site which is purely ephemeral. There is no physical meeting and the all the flirtation is virtual, you start on the site and you end it there itself. The live random video chat is purely anonymous and you are free to not show your face. Your username is the only thing the other members will see. In order to keep it safe, anonymous and ephemeral, the site also prohibits the sharing of any personal information. You can chat with girls, chat with men, chat with stranger, everything anonymously.

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LuckyCrush: Women and Men Registrations

The registration process is currently regulated in a way that there are approximately 50% women and 50% men online at any given point. The goal of such a regulation is to minimize the waiting time for a person to be paired with a random partner for live random video chat. LuckyCrush witnessed a massive 50% increase in registrations during and after the COVID-19 global lockdown.

Some of you might be wondering why the site does not pair up the same-sex people and that it might be a little offensive to the LGBT community. Here’s what LuckyCrush has to say on this, “The current system is optimized for straight people. Through registration regulation, we are trying to have 50% of male and 50% of female members with a maximum probability of having them interested by each other when they are randomly matched. A same-sex match-making process is under study but would probably lead to a dedicated chat site.”

How to Access LuckyCrush?

The site is available to be accessed from any mobile device or a desktop. There is absolutely no need to download an app for it. Hit the link below to get going:

Started in 2019, LuckyCrush has already touched 1 million members in over 100 countries.

In my opinion, LuckyCrush is a great option if you are looking for some virtual flirting. The on-boarding process is as easy as you would like. Get ready and bring out your A game!