How to Stay Productive on the Go 10 Effective Tips
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Did you know that work travelers say being away for work takes a toll on their productivity? If you want to learn how to stay productive while traveling, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to increase your productivity while on the go.

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1. Create a Task List

When you’re on the go, you might start to feel disorganized. Make the most of your downtime while waiting in a car or plane. Don’t waste that time scrolling through your social media accounts. 

Instead, create a to-do list of small tasks you can complete during those moments. Make sure these tasks are simple, like sending an email you’ve put off or outlining a new project. 

Will you have cell service or the internet when you create this list? Some tasks might not be able to get done without the internet.

2. Skype and Slack

When you work on the go, you don’t have the chance to go down the hallway and ask a co-worker something. Apps like Skype or Slack are a great way to communicate with your team.

Send a note to your colleague or connect to a video call with your boss. Staying up to date with your team will help you remain productive at work. You won’t work on a task with the wrong details.

Skype and Slack also have file-sharing options. You can also search up conversations to get quick information while on the go. You can access both platforms on your computer or mobile.

3. Use Google Docs and Dropbox

Keep all your documents streamlined by using Google Docs and Dropbox. This way, you won’t have a hard time trying to remember where you saved a document or email attachment. Use these platforms while traveling.

Accessing your files is essential if you’re not always at your work desk. Dropbox will let you access, store, and share up to 2 GB of files. You can upgrade and get more storage if needed. 

You can access Dropbox from your phone, desktop, or tablet. If you have an iPad Pro 11, check out these new features

If you want to edit documents, consider using Google Docs. Docs will let you view and work on documents. You can also share documents and add collaborators. You’ll also get the chance to leave comments or add edits.

4. Don’t Forget Your Chargers

When traveling for work, you might forget or lose a charger. It’s essential to pack a few different chargers.

If you’re going abroad, make sure you have travel adapters. Keep your chargers and outlets accessible in your handbag.

5. Schedule Your Time Away

Create a thorough plan for meetings and work tasks for your trip.

You’ll get to see where there are gaps in your day that you can use for meetings or essential phone calls. If you’re in a different time zone, factor in the time difference.

6. Confirm Your Accommodation and Flights

Make sure you confirm accommodation every night while you’re away. Will you rent a vehicle or use public transit?

This way, you won’t have to spend precious time trying to get a new plane ticket or hotel during work. You won’t feel super stressed out and can focus on your task at hand.

7. Keep a Routine

If you travel a lot, your immune system might weaken. Maintain a healthy routine to stay as productive as possible.

Keeping a sleep routine will help you stay productive and alert. Your mind and body might take time to adapt if you’ve flown to a different time zone.

Adjust the time on your phone and watch before taking off. This way, you’ll get acclimated to the new destination.

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, consider using melatonin. Put your electronics away an hour before you go to bed.

It’s more convenient to eat fast food or unhealthy snacks, but they will leave you feeling exhausted. Choose healthy snacks and eat fresh food as much as possible.

Drink a lot of water, so you don’t get dehydrated. Make sure you don’t drink too much coffee or alcohol.

Consider exercising outside to boost your mood.

8. Network With Different People

When you’re traveling for work, try to expand your network in person and on social media. You might meet new people during your travels and gain a unique work opportunity.

If you’re at your hotel or airport, consider striking up conversations with new people you meet. You might find out that they work in a similar field.

9. Stay Update to Date on Trends and News

Make sure you subscribe to alerts and news. This way, you can read updates on your phone daily while you’re traveling.

You’ll have content or points that you can raise in meetings. It will also show that you are following the news and are well-informed.

10. Download Some Podcasts or Books 

Do you drive a lot for work? Consider downloading some inspirational or educational podcasts like Ted Talks. You can listen to the insights of other people while driving.

If you prefer books, download some audiobooks that you’ve always wanted to read.

Now You Know How to Stay Productive While Traveling

We hope this guide on how to increase your productivity was helpful. Make the most of your downtime by knocking off smaller items on your to-do list.

Keep a routine and eat healthy so you can stay productive while on the go.

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