How to Avoid Fraudulent Money Transactions on Mobile Apps

Fraudulent transactions on mobile apps have been on the rise over the last few years. Over 40% of the fraud money transactions these days are now carried out via mobile apps. The payment gateways have been deeply integrated with most of the mobile apps these days. While most of the in-app purchases on iOS and Android phones are handled by Apple and Google respectively, there are still ways where people find out ways to conduct fraudulent transactions. The increase in such transactions on mobile apps is majorly because users these days prefer doing almost everything on their mobiles rather than on their desktops or laptops. Know what should you do if such fraud happens on cccf .

In recent news just before the popular PUBG mobile game was banned in India by the government, a 15-year old used his grandfather’s money to make in-app purchases. When grandfather realised that some Rs 2-3 lakhs have been debited from his account, he made a formal complaint. It was after an investigation that it was revealed the money was used up by his grandson on the PUBG app. Moreover, the 15-year old did so under someone’s wrong guidance wherein the cumulative amount of Rs 2-3 lakhs were first transferred to a Paytm account. Contrary to all this, online casinos are safer than mobile games and avoid fraud transactions using someone else’s money. They also have a proper casino license to operate and that does add to the reputation of the company. Many operators also offer 24-hour support, with live chat, email, social media and telephone amongst the most popular methods. You can also play on w88 which is also one of the most secure site for playing online casino games.

There are a number of ways by which you can avoid fraudulent money transactions on mobile apps. You should be very careful when downloading an app. Try not to look for installation files on the internet and only download from the trusted app stores. Another thing that you should do is read a few reviews before you download the app so as to know the experience of other users. The next thing you need to check is the permissions the app is requesting when it is opened for the first time on a mobile device. And stay aware of what’s happening around you. If someone you know has experienced any fraud on a mobile app, go ahead and report the app so that such things don’t take place in the future. If you have become a victim to any fraudulent money transaction, there’s a high probability that it will happen again if you don’t take the required actions. You should keep a thorough check on your bank transactions and statements and immediately report to your financial institution in case you find a suspicious activity. These were some of the ways to avoid fraudulent money transactions on mobile apps. If you know of more such ways, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.