In the world we are living in, it has become easier to take videos, so the number of YouTubers has increased. Even if you are not a YouTuber, I think that there are more opportunities to send videos to someone or upload them to SNS.

Sometimes, I also upload some videos on my YouTube Channel or Facebook or Instagram, but before uploading them, I want to add captions and titles, trim it, and add some processing. Yes, a little editing can be done easily by processing on the smartphones on which the video was shot. However, it can be a little difficult when it comes to stitching videos together or editing. It just gets a little complicated.

Also, although it is a slight reversal phenomenon, simple editing can be done easily on a smartphone, but when trying to edit on a computer, there are only a few simple and easy-to-use softwares. If you’re using a Mac, iMovie is the go-to application that you could use. People using Windows 10 will use a video editor by default. For complex editing, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are the top notch softwares.

However, the above mentioned softwares are expensive and highly functional, and they cannot be used without proper study. There are other high-performance softwares such as some free software, but it can also get a difficult to use.

Today, I’m going to introduce an easy to use video editing software which is called FlexClip. I tried using the video editing software FlexClip Video Maker and it has various ways to edit videos depending on your needs:

  1. To edit a large video properly
  2. To upload to YouTube, trim the extra parts, add a title, add mosaics, mute sounds, add music, and so on
  3. To make a short trailer-like video, or can make a short video like the title of your homepage

Under such circumstances, when I was searching for software that was a little easier to use, I received information on software called FlexClip Video Maker, so I will evaluate it.

What Is FlexClip

FlexClip Video Maker is web browser based video editing and making software. Therefore, it can be used without installing it.You can use it by getting an ID and logging in.

Pricing Plan

It can be used for free, but the image quality is low because the output resolution is 480p SD image quality. If you want to output high resolution video, it will be a paid version.

How to Use FlexClip

After creating an ID for FlexClip Video Maker and logging in, the management screen will appear. The feature of this software is that you can open and customize many sample templates. Therefore, if you have a template that can be used as a reference, you can create it as a reference. Templates are thematic. I chose one and made it.

This time, I will put it somewhere on the homepage later, and I will make it a video for introducing the blog. Therefore, it is a scenario that does not include audio. In that sample, several videos are combined. So I also tried using some videos.

First, upload the video.

Select the uploaded video and trim which part you want to use.

It’s not a very big video and even though it’s a web based tool, trimming is quick.

It’s easy to zoom in and out. Since the functions are simple, the frequently used functions are easy-to-understand in the interface.

And then I enter the title.

For the title, select from the patterns and edit the characters to be inserted. You can also adjust the position. Adjust the length of the video from where to where. However, you cannot control the speed of character fade-out. I think this is a trade-off with the simplicity of functionality.

And after that I also add a caption.

Select from the pattern and edit the characters to put inside.

You can select the font and position.

With that kind of feeling, it will stitch together the edited videos that have been trimmed and texts have been added. It can also be covered or faded.

The last step is exporting your work. When exporting, the resolution will be different according to the price plan. However, I think you can try the free version first and buy it if you like it. I tried using it for a while, and it is extremely easy to use.


FlexClip is an easy-to-use tool for editing and making videos. It has various pre-made templates, it has all of the editing functions and it is relatively cheaper than most of the tools of the same kind. But I think it’s more suitable for editing short videos rather than long videos.