Convert PDF to Microsoft Word Format

PDF conversion is one of the most common edits that you may come across as an administrative employee, a student doing online classes, and even when you are in middle management trying to piece together a report to the big bosses. PDF, or portable document format, is the standard file format for shared files and documents over the Internet because it won’t likely change formatting even when opened in different PDF applications. A fully functional platform for creating, managing, converting, OCR, eSigning, and editing PDF documents is offered by Foxit PDF Editor. Get the greatest PDF editor right away for free!

There are many types of PDF conversions; the most common involve MS Office file formats like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can convert almost any file to PDF to quickly send out to your clients – a Photoshop progress, a file you are working on, even a presentation that you are about to do. But let’s focus on how you can convert PDF to Word in this article. We’ve collated the top  ways you can go about this:

1. Through browser-based applications

We are in an incredible time where we can almost do anything via the Internet. Gone are the days where the Internet is a novelty, as it is not used just as a portal for social media anymore. Businesses, e-commerce sites, and even the government have used the Internet for their own gains, which prompted new technologies and conveniences to take the crop. Today, if we are talking about PDF editing, you can do so with browser-based applications.

PDF Bear is one example of such sites that offer consumers the convenience of converting PDF files to Word and other MS Office-based file formats. Unlike traditional PDF software, where users need to download and install first, browser-based applications can be accessed anywhere in the world, provided you have a working browser. Truly, if any of your devices have Chrome or Safari if you are with the Apple ecosystem, you can easily convert PDF to Word online. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. In your browser, search for PDF Bear. Or a general search term you can use is “online PDF editors”.
  2. Wait for the site to load, then head on to the application individually intended for PDF to Word conversion.
  3. Once you access the converter, upload the file in question. Wait for the site to upload it completely.
  4. Once done, you can choose the manner of conversion that you want to do. For beginners, it’s best to choose the one with the OCR option or the equivalent. The OCR option will turn elements from the PDF editable in the last file.
  5. Download the converted file and check for errors.

2. Through a third-party, standalone software

Third-party, standalone software is arguably the most preferred way to edit PDFs. Depending on the PDF edit you want to do, PDF editors that you download off the Internet and install on your main computer or work laptop can do powerful edits and operations on PDF files because they’re meant to do. Adobe comes to mind, but there are several alternatives you can find.

The most powerful of this software will cost you a pretty penny. The top PDF editors will have you pay for a monthly subscription fee or a one-time payment to use it. There are free ones but expect that they won’t do and the paid ones. Converting PDF to Word on these applications will also vary depending on the application you have, but the general gist should be like this:

  1. Open the application and wait for it to load its resources fully.
  2. Open the PDF file in question by going to File, then Open.
  3. Once the file is open, search the menu bar for conversion options. Usually, it’s on the File menu. Look for the “Revert to Word” option or the equivalent.
  4. Click on it and set the conversion method you want to do.
  5. Wait for the application to convert the file. 


Aside from these methods, you can convert PDF to Word through smartphones. We are in an era where smartphones abound, and it’s not uncommon for most people to have a mobile app that can do PDF conversions on the go. This method makes it so much easier for you to read and edit files anytime and anywhere!  The apps you can download for this will depend on the mobile ecosystem that you are in.