There are no doubts that Australians definitely have an appetite for horse betting and gambling as a whole. When it comes to finding the best spots to hitch a ride on, Australian punters can look out for a large selection of fully licensed and trustworthy locations across the internet. The best kind of apps will be fully regulated and monitored by the governmentally approved gambling bodies; one of which is the betting app from which gives players first-hand access to the latest horse betting opportunities and happenings within the gambling community.

More hyped and appealing options within the Australian gambling community can be found down below. Do browse and check out all the top 5 selections we personally vouch for!


Who has not heard of Bet365? We believe this app to be the best of all the horse betting mobile applications out there. Why? Because the app is very simple to use, regardless if you are a beginner or an expert in horse betting, you will definitely feel at home within the community that Bet365 provides to you.

The promotions do change up ever so frequently, and even if you have claimed your new player bonuses, there is always something there that you can trigger for yourself as an existing player. Aussies can enter the app with great confidence, especially as you get rewarded for just joining the app over your mobile phone! When you get made to feel special from the very beginning, we can call this a very promising gambling relationship. That is for sure.


Sportsbet is a very much internationally known betting app, that provides an integrated horse betting opportunities from the comfort of your own iOS and Android phones. Players can look forward to using some of the many promotions available at Sportsbet, and use them towards initiating their horse bets. You really cannot fault this mobile application at all. Their ongoing player bonuses are a treat to!

Other things that you can lookout for as you play with Sportsbet, is how easily you can download the application to your mobile device. The app is of course free to run, you may also incorporate all your payment methods within the app system e.g. Apple Pay, E-wallets etc. The only thing that we believe lets this app down from a user experience point of view, is the navigability of the horse betting section. It can be a cause for sore eyes, as there is no clear and transparent visual direction on the pages. Nevertheless, by playing around you will get the hang of it soon enough, there’s no doubt.


So, although Neds is pretty much new to the scene of gambling in Australia (launched in 2017), you will find that all the features you would expect in a sports betting application, are actually there. It does help that this app is the love child and production of the previous CEO of Ladbrokes Dean Shannon. So, its prematurity should not be a spark of any worry, as all the experience that Shannon has from previous endeavours in the gambling industry, have very much been included, if not heightened for your own personal horse betting experience.

One thing we will mention however, being that Neds is the latest bookie on the market, you can expect very generous welcome bonuses, when you register and sign up to make up your own account and profile. The reason being is, Ned needs to compete with the big boys of the betting app world, so call this a way of getting your attention. From our own personal experience the only downfall to this app, is the payout schemes and how long bets will actually take to settle, to claim your winnings. So, if you have the patience, this app will do you more than good, for your quest of landing some decent winnings on those horses!