Google announced the Android O around March this year. Android Go was announced at Google I/O 2017. Both promise multiple enhancements. Let’s have a look at what they offer.

Android O

Google announced the latest beta version of Android O at Google I/O, click here for website help.
Picture-in-picture : This lets users run two tasks simultaneously like video calling and updating your fb status. This aims to improve productivity.Those feeling impatient can enroll for the beta program and can get a taste of the preview version. Let’s have a look at the new feature additions of this version.

  • Autofill with Google : This brings Chrome’s autofill feature to Android
  • SmartText Selection : This lets user copy/paste text, url, addresses etc effortlessly and let the OS manage the decide the app to carry out the action based on the type of data selected.
  • Background tasks : Background activities consume a lot of battery. To counter this, Google has changed their handling. For example : If some background app requests User location then rather than in invoking the GPS for location, the app will be given the last updated location. Later on when the app comes to foreground it can invoke the GPS.
  • System Optimizations : Multiple system optimizations to help app run faster and smoother.
  • Notification Dots : The notifications have received a thorough update. Whenever a new notification arrives, a dot will appear on the shortcut of that app and long pressing would show it.

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Android Go

Android Go is Google’s new bet for low end phones. It is a lightweight version of Android O optimized to run low end phones. The main motive is to improve the Android experience on phones with less than 1 GB RAM. While it may seem odd there are actually ways you can run multiple OS’s like Windows XP or Ubuntu on mobile devices you can find multiple guides such as this one: run windows 7 on android. These are proof of concepts and not fully functional for everyday use but still cool and over time will be better as phones/tablets get more powerful.

Earlier Google had tried a similar strategy with Android One in developing markets like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc. India was the first country to get Android One with local manufacturers like Micromax, Karbonn, Spice etc. It was mostly a hardware based approach where Google saw the design and development and the OS was stock Android.

Android GO focuses on the Software experience. It has several under the hood improvements .

Android Go is designed around three things:

  • OS : Optimize Android O to run efficiently on low end hardware.
  • Apps : Google apps like YouTube, Chrome etc will consume less memory, storage.
  • Play store : Play store will highlight those apps optimized for Android Go.

Phones running Android Go will start shipping in 2018.

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