Even though the market for Tablets isn’t as big as the market for smartphones, there are still people (including us) who appreciate a good tab when they see one, in my case, I want to know everything about the best tablets under 400 . Less attention on this side has caused a select few companies to dominate tablet manufacturing. In order to make your search for the next tab easier, here’s a list of 5 best tablets under Rs. 20,000

  1. iBall Slide Snap 4G2 16 GB 7 inch with Wi-Fi+4G – Rs. 7,399


Starting on the lower side of the spectrum we have iBall snap which is quite an impressive tablet in its price range. The Slide Snap features a screen with a display resolution of (1024 x 600). Under the hood, gear contains a quad-core processor that comes along with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage that is expandable up to 32GB.

The tab also has two cameras with 5MP being rear and a small 2MP being a front for selfies. The battery is also quite big (3500mAh) which is interestingly removable. Standard run of the mill features includes dual sim capability (4G+4G), FM radio and various sensors including Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, and Gyroscope.

Even though this particular tab comes in the lower ranks due to its price, it still manages to hold its own well under stress and can definitely be considered when making your final purchase.

  1. Lenovo Yoga 3 (2 GB RAM) 16 GB 8 inch with Wi-Fi+4G – Rs. 15,990


Possibly one of the most frequently mentioned tablets online, the Lenovo Yoga 3 is definitely of the strongest contenders in the market. The Yoga 3 has a host of impressive features that contains a Qualcomm MSM8909 Quad Core processor combined with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which is expandable up to 128GB. Lenovo proceeded to go overboard with a few things including the storage which was definitely not a mistake since the option to expand should always be available.

The camera section is also one of delight as the camera is 8MP and rotates 180 degrees which make it possible to take immersive photos and videos. The camera can also be completely gesture controlled which gives the user more freedom when taking photos.

All the features in Yoga 3 are powered by an absolutely massive 6200 mAh Lithium – Ion battery which boasts a runtime of 20 hours on a single charge. Actual results may vary but even coming close to this is pretty impressive. The unique feature about this tab is its ability to be almost completely flexible through which it can be bent in different positions and easily used. Lenovo really went all out on the Yoga 3 and for good reason as it paid off really well. Seriously have a look at this one. You won’t regret it.

  1. Lenovo Phab 2 (Gunmetal Gray, 32 GB) (3 GB RAM) – Rs. 10,999


The lesser known model of Lenovo, the Phab 2 is a beautiful piece of technology that was overshadowed by its older brother the Yoga 3. Even then this tab is outstanding in its own form and delivers solid performance.

The Phab 2 is powered by MediaTek MTK8735 Quad – Core Processor that is coupled along with a solid 3GB RAM stick. The 32GB internal storage is comparably more than what other companies give and just like the Yoga 3 it can be expanded up to 128GB through a memory card. The 6.4 inch HD display is a beauty to behold as one look at it gives the idea of how sharp and crisp the details are. The Color reproduction is excellent and the size is just big enough.

Cameras include 13MP for the rear which is one of the highest we have seen on a tab and 5MP for the front. The Phab 2 powers all this by a 4050 mAh Li – Polymer battery which gives a runtime of 12-15 hours on a single charge.

It seems that Lenovo took very different approaches when it comes to its most famous tablet models. While the Yoga 3 is focused more on flexibility and ease, the Phab 2 takes a more elegant approach and gives a quality display and cameras. Mind you, the Yoga 3 is not any lesser but we can see the two tabs appealing to two different sets of people.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T355YZAAINS Tablet (8 inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling) – 16,500

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T355YZAAINS Tablet

As was mentioned earlier, the less attention on the tablet market has allowed only a few companies to strike their claim here and yet again we see Samsung with its hand in the cookie jar. Samsung has proved to be a solid competitor to Lenovo and with their different line of tablets, they maintain the pressure.

The Galaxy Tab A comes fitted with Samsung’s quad-core processor which has a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The 2GB RAM provides ample speed to the tablet and goes well along with the processor. The 8 inch HD display provides an immersive viewing experience while at the same time is designed for light reading.

However, in the camera department, Samsung seems to be lacking as both the rear and front cameras are not that impressive. The rear 5MP camera easily takes HD shots but might fall short in low light photography. The Same case plagues the front camera which is 2MP.  All of this is powered by a 4200 mAh battery which claims to provide a talk time of 28 hours.

Samsung took special care to ensure the tablet is made sleek and slim and the design sure says that. However, there are a few areas where they could have done better. In the end, the buyer is the chooser and people who have a particular liking to Samsung may very well go for this one.

  1. Asus Z380KL-1A086A Tablet (8 inch, 2GB, Wi-Fi+3G+Voice Calling) – Rs. 17,999

Asus Z380KL-1A086A Tablet

Even though Lenovo and Samsung have dominated and controlled the tablet market, that hasn’t stopped Asus from making a name of their own here and to be honest they have done pretty well.

The Asus Z tablet might be a little bit in the pricier range but it offers hardware and software that justifies that price tag. The Z tablet is powered by Qualcomm 8929 octa-core processor which is known for its consistent performance delivery. This type of gear ensures that more than enough power is present under the hood. That combined with 2GB RAM gives the tab a lot of juice.

Asus has done well in the camera department with an 8MP (Auto Focus) sporting the rear and 2MP being the front. Asus has employed a little feature they like to call the Pixel Master which comes with the best technology that combines software and hardware to give the best shots and videos. This department gets points for exclusivity.

Other notable features include an 8 inch IPS HD display that comes with Corning Gorilla Glass for better protection. Even here Asus has used their software called Visual Master that gives the best color reproduction possible while giving crisp detailing. The juice required in all this comes from a 4000mAH lithium-ion battery that lasts for over 13 hours on a single charge.

Rest of the features are pretty standard when it comes to tablets like 16GB internal storage, dual sim capability, and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Considering the situation in the market Asus has done pretty well by trying their own model out and even though it may not have been as popular as Lenovo or Samsung, it had its own success. Definitely worth a see.

So, these were our top picks for 5 best tablets under Rs. 20,000. The market for tablets might not be as popular as smartphones but if companies keep experimenting, we just might chance upon something entirely different.