If you read our previous article on Power Banks under Rs. 2,000, you probably have an idea of some good budget models that are available out there. However, this time we are kicking it up a notch and increasing our budget. It is amazing to see how bigger things get just by adding an extra 1000. We found really good power banks and thought of sharing them with you. So here are the 5 best power banks under Rs 3000.

1. Mi 20,000 mAh Power Bank – Rs 1599

We know that Mi’s power bank was also mentioned in the previous article but seeing as how many solid features this guy offers it is only fitting that it is given its proper due. The Mi power bank, first in our list of best power banks under Rs 3000, comes amped with a solid capacity of 20000 mAh which is significantly more than what you would normally find in this price range as standard power banks usually only go as far as 13000.

However, the capacity has very little to do with why it is being mentioned again. Mi has put a lot of effort in ensuring that this power bank takes the cake when it comes to the market and even though it has its flaws, a very good job has been done here. Mi has installed what it calls The Texas Instruments Control Chip that enables rapid charging. The power bank charges in little to no time thereby getting in your hands even quicker. Now keep in mind that this doesn’t mean it has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 because that is another thing entirely. If that takes your fancy then we have just the thing for you further down the list.

Besides the fast power bank charge time it also automatically adjusts the power output according to the phone connected and charges it as fast and as efficiently as possible. Special care has been taken to make it safe as an astounding 9 layers of circuit protection have been installed which is also the courtesy of the control chip. The Mi power bank is also very light compared to other competitor models. For anyone not wanting to spend more on a power bank may very well go for this but if you do, then keep on reading.

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2. Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh Power Bank – Rs. 2700


Anker is an American company that was founded by a group of friends working at Google and now they are one of the world’s top companies in mobile power. Anker recently launched The Power Series which focuses on capacity and speed. The PowerCore is a product that comes right into that.

The most interesting thing about this particular power bank is that it comes hardwired with the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. For those of you unfamiliar with this technology, allow us to introduce you. Qualcomm QC tech is a new type of technology developed by (You guessed it) Qualcomm. If you have a compatible phone, Quick charge charges your phone in just 30 minutes! Yep, that’s the power of Qualcomm. Keep in mind though, that this method is still new and not many phones support it.

The PowerCore like Mi’s power bank also comes with a unique chip. Anker’s Intelligent Microchip has been installed in this instance which includes a safety system called Multi Protect that protects the power bank with 10 different systems. Anker also boasts of being the only one that provides an output of 4.8 Amps which is supposed ‘Industry Leading’ and charges any and all devices at full speed.

For customers, whose focus is more on speed and don’t mind shelling out extra money, Anker is the way to go. They have a lot of other products that surpass each other simultaneously.

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3. ZAAP (USA) 9100mAh Defender Universal Power Bank – Rs 2,799

From speed, we now shift our focus to safety and durability. The ZAAP power bank is all about these two and more. ZAAP is also a company hailing from the USA and their principal focus is on making products for travellers. So, if you’re a wanderlust this power bank just might be a match made in heaven for you.

The ZAAP power bank is touted to be completely weatherproof. This means you can drop it, it won’t break. Submerge it in deep water, it won’t spoil and throw it from great heights and it will remain shiny as ever. The focus on safety primarily stems out of the stereotype that power banks don’t need to be protected from physical harm as they are just portable chargers. However, that is all the more reason they should be.

The Power-Flo technology incorporated by ZAAP makes sure that your phone will get the maximum possible output in every situation. The capacity might not be all that much but a high conversion rate will make sure none of that stored power is wasted. The power bank also comes with a built-in flashlight and compass so that you may never lose your way. The installed Panasonic battery will keep your flashlight going for hours on end thereby never leaving you in the dark.

This one is definitely for those who live by the line ‘You can never be too careful’. Packed with a load of safety features and reliable technology, ZAAP provides what it promises.

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4. iWalk Dockable Rechargeable Power Banks 3000mAh for iPhone – Rs. 2600

We have a special one for Apple users today. What if we told you that you would need no wires and could directly connect your power bank to your phone? As unrealistic as that may sound, iWalk is here to bust that myth right in front of you.

The iWalk power bank is not exactly high on capacity but then again that’s not the focus anyway. The iWalk is a portable power bank or more like an extendable battery that Apple users can attach to their lightning supported phones and double their battery life instantly. The iWalk is very lightweight and directly connects to the phone. In fact, it is so slim that it fits into the pocket along with the phone attached easily!

The built-in LED indicator informs about the battery status and if it needs charging. The charging is also quick and easy as the capacity is just enough for an iPhone. We have to say that this is one of the most interesting power banks we have come across. It is a nice concept and will make a lot of lives easier once it takes off.

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5. AUKEY 16,000 mAh Power Bank- Rs. 2,799

Last but definitely not the least in our list of the best power banks under Rs 3000, Aukey comes as a direct competitor to Anker. For years now both have been fighting each other to retain the top position in the mobile market and it has been a tough fight, to say the least. The Aukey 3.0 power bank is a direct counter to Anker’s PowerCore.

The Aukey comes with almost the same technologies as Anker as it also has Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 installed along with Aukey’s own adaptive fast charging chip that detects the phone’s output and provides the necessary power. Safety has also been taken into account again as this power bank also comes with circuit protection and safety measures.

Along with all the staple features, Aukey has included a flashlight built right into the power bank that is powered by it. The LED flashlight is included as an extra feature to outpower other competitors. Other unique features added into the power bank include a High-Performance Inductor that keeps the temperature in check, High-Efficiency Synchronous IC that improves the power bank’s lifecycle and an MCU Controller which is another added layer of protection.

It has always been a tight race between Anker and Aukey as both the companies proceed to overtake each other all the time. In the end, it comes to the customer and what they prefer. If you like the added features compared to Anker’s power bank, surely go for this one.

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And that was our list of the 5 best power banks under Rs 3000. You can get a lot of extra features if you increase your budget and this list proves just that. All of these models are at heavy discounts because of the sale season. For more on that scroll down to our previous articles!