Television viewing experience has sure come a long way. Back in the time when we used to have CRT TVs with standard quality to now people enjoying flat panel LED televisions with Ultra HD resolution, things sure have changed and so has the market. Buying a modern Television is not an expensive affair anymore with many companies offering models as low as Rs. 10,000. Here we give you a list of 5 best LED TVs under Rs 35000 –

1. Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Series 4 HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32N4300AR


samsung 32 inch led smart tv UA32N4300AR

Starting the list is Samsung’s new HD (720P) LED Panel TV. This model is equipped with a plethora of features that make it suitable for the next generation home, the best part is that you can get one of the home theater systems in St. Louis County MO along with it. The widescreen display combined with the flat panel and the durability will ensure that you get value for your money. The inbuilt technology also offers some features that make it a smart Tv. These include Screen Mirroring, USB playback and also Samsung Smart Share which will allow users to share content between Mobile and USB storage wirelessly, not to mention you can access the internet on the Television itself thanks to its inbuilt wireless LAN card.

One special feature that Samsung has mentioned is Smart Replay which basically lets you capture your favorite scenes while watching Tv and storing them. That is one handy feature for a movie buff. Other additions include 2 standard USB and HDMI ports, 720P resolution and 20 Watts speaker output power.

2. Sony 80 cm (32 inches) Bravia HD Ready LED TV KLV-32R412D– Rs. 24,490


sony 32 inch led tv LV-32R412D

Following suit in the list of best LED TVs under Rs 35000 is Sony with their newest budget LED television that boasts of its own unique features. The Bravia KLV – 32W is armed with Sony’s Motionflow™ XR technology that claims to insert extra frames between the original ones for enhanced detail and clarity for a truly cinematic look and feel. This patented technology is only held by Sony and is aimed to be the one unique factor that separates their Televisions from others.

The narrow frame with aluminium bezel is sure to look good, either mounted or on a stand. On top of that, the construction is done sturdily enough to endure harsh conditions and light enough to liven the atmosphere of the room it is in.

The 720P Tv also includes smart features such as wireless playback, in television internet and Sony apps which are sure to come in use. With the official Youtube app also pre-installed, it is now twice as easy for users to view and like videos all made possible by the Television’s wireless Wi-Fi.

As always, a war is initiated when we talk about major brands like Sony or Samsung. Even though both the models are almost identical in price and features, a particular loyalist can go for whatever brand he/she pleases.

Best Selling TVs

Amazon Great Republic Day Sale

Now this is definitely one of the most sought after categories these days. A god quality LED TV is something we all want to view our favorite web series or movies on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and others. Here are the best selling TVs on Amazon over the last few days.

OnePlus Y Series 108 cm (43 inches)Rs 23,990
Mi TV 4X 138.8 cm (55 Inches) Ultra HDRs 36,999
Mi TV 4A PRO 80 cm (32 inches)Rs 13,499
Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Wondertainment SeriesRs 14,489
OnePlus Y Series 80 cm (32 inches)Rs 13,990
TCL 100 cm (40 inches) Full HDRs 17,999
Sony Bravia 108 cm (43 inches) Full HDRs 34,990
LG 108 cm (43 inches) Full HDRs 28,980

3. Sanyo 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD IPS LED Smart TV XT-43S8100FS

sanyo 43 inch smart led tv XT-43S8100FS

Even though companies like Sony and Samsung dominate the television market, that hasn’t stopped Sanyo from giving them a run for their money and their new model does just that. The XT-43S comes with a Full HD LED screen (1980×1020) which is unusual for TVs in this price range.

Sanyo has made every possible effort to ensure this model sells by adding as many features as they could. This, in turn, bodes well for the average customer as he/she gets complete value for their money. These features vary in nature as they include additions to their hardware and software both.

The hardware side includes the screen with wide viewing angles that provide mobility to the viewer. Like Sony, Sanyo has also included their own innovative Noise Reduction technology that increases the sharpness of the screen and reduces grains (Disturbance). The company also boasts of Reduced motion blur that makes watching easier and Real Color panels that provide truly lifelike colors.

As if that wasn’t enough, the model also comes with Surround Sound speakers and Enhanced Bass that will blow your eardrums away. (Hopefully not literally). You can also connect your own Home Theatre system by the HDMI sound out feature port if necessary.

The software side includes various viewing modes in the screen that can be changed to customize the viewer’s experience. These modes include sports mode, cinema mode, enhanced skin mode and so on.

Sanyo has also used their custom IPS Panel that claims to give screen reproduction like no other. As an added bonus you can also connect your PC along with headphones.

This model has so many features that it provides a serious competition to all other brands. Any consumer who keeps a keen eye on the little technical details should definitely take a look at this one.

4. TCL 123.13 cm (49 inches) Full HD LED Certified Android Smart TV P30 49P30FS- Rs. 25,999

When it comes to Unique features if there is one thing we have seen, is that every company out there have a few tricks up their sleeve that they use to sell their product and TCL is no exception. They have developed and included a few technologies of themselves that are on this particular TV.

The L49D for starters also comes with a Full HD screen like Sanyo but with TCL’s own next generation LED backlight that claims to provide the brightest contrast level that will give maximum sharpness and clarity. On top of that, they have also included Surround Sound speakers with their own Amplified Audio Output Algorithm which will provide deeper sound.

Two interesting features that have been added include Multiple Multimedia Format support that allows viewers to play almost any format of files on their TV and the Smart Volume feature that automatically adjusts the volume when switching channels. The Ultra Slim frame-less design is also something that adds an aesthetic appeal to this model.

Other features include HDMI and USB support, Internet connectivity and a power saving mode.

5. VU 100 cm (40 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV 40 PL- Rs. 20,999

vu smart led tv 40 pl

Last, on our list of best LED TVs under Rs 35000 includes Vu’s latest addition to their play series that are televisions that aim to enhance the viewing experience while watching sports. The Full HD TV comes with a wide-angle screen that proves 178-degree viewing angle that gives the least glare possible with mobility.

Vu have added their own A+ IPS Panel that aims to provide an unadulterated viewing experience. That combined with Surround speakers with a wattage of 16 Watts gives the customer a lot of power to play with.

The design has also been kept sleek and light to keep the look of the model refreshing and mobile. The smart TV also includes customizable modes for various screen situations and a specialized Sports mode for when you want to sit back and watch your game. For fans who bleed blue, this one is sure to look out for.

We know that picking an affordable television that also provides features and value for its price can be extremely tricky sometimes. This list of best LED TVs under Rs 35000 contains the best of the best in this price range and should catch the attention of any smart consumer who knows the value of a good product.