Kodi is one of the best media center apps available. The company also claims that Kodi is the ultimate entertainment center, and rightly so. It is an open-source media center that you can get for free.

It runs on several platforms like,

  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Windows,
  • Amazon Fire Stick

You get several handy features with Kodi. Keep scrolling if you wish to learn about the installation, tweaks, advantages, and disadvantages of the Kodi application for Android.


Kodi is now available on the Google Play Store. You can download it by following the same process as other applications. 

  • Open the Google Play Store, and type Kodi in the search bar,
  • Click on the install button on the right side of the app name,
  • Wait for some time and let the Kodi app install.

That is it. You do not have to side-load the application or its .apk files.  

However, if you want to download it on an Amazon Firestick, that process might be more technical than this. But, if you follow a step-to-step guide, you can install the app pretty easily on your Amazon devices.

Set up process

After successfully installing the Kodi app, you need to allow some permissions to it. You can click on the allow button when prompted.


After doing all the steps, Kodi will open the home screen. To install add-ons, you might want to tap on the Settings icon. It will be in the upper left-hand corner.

Kodi will give you an option to download add-ons from its repository. You can find some decent add-ons there. You will find the installed add-ons on the homepage of Kodi.

Kodi’s features for Android devices

  • It can turn your Android device into a set-top box,
  • It gives you the ability to stream files from the internet, local storage, home network,
  • You can download community-made apps,
  • Simple and readable User Interface,
  • You can browse your content(videos, photos) pretty quickly.

Is it legal to use Kodi?

Using the Kodi application is legal. You can stream Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. using the Kodi application. You can also install free and legal add-ons like,

  • SoundCloud,
  • YouTube,
  • Dailymotion,
  • BBC iPlayer, etc.

However, you can find many illegal add-ons for Kodi. Installing and using them might get you in some serious legal trouble. Apart from add-ons, there is also a lot of copyrighted content available on the Kodi add-ons. Streaming that content is also illegal, and that can also get you into trouble.

If you do not want any legal trouble, you might want to choose add-ons wisely and use a good VPN for an extra layer of security.

Is it necessary to use a VPN with Kodi?

It is highly recommended to use a VPN with the Kodi app. However, you can use the app without a VPN, but you can expose your device to,

  • MITM(Man-In-The-Middle) attacks,
  • DDoS(Denial-of-service) attacks,
  • ISP monitoring,
  • Scams,
  • Hacks.

The reason behind it is pretty simple. Since Kodi is an open-source app, anyone can create add-ons for users. Now, these add-ons might have illegal content, malicious software, etc. If you want a recommendation for a VPN, I would recommend Expressvpn.

Is it worth using Kodi on an Android device?

Yes, if you want to stream free movies, TV shows, live sports, etc. However, you might want to watch legal content only to avoid getting in any legal trouble. 

Kodi on Android gives you several benefits that make it a good app to give a try. Now, with a simple installation process and readable UI, using it is easier than ever. 

Also, if you are using it for the first time and do not know much about the add-ons, using a VPN might be the best thing to do.