repair computer tablet with broken touch screen on wooden desk

Damages and cracks are unfortunate problems any modern gadget faces. Even Apple products, known for durability, can break if not handled properly. Devices like the iPad are also prone to cracking in one way or another. Fortunately, you can still use an iPad despite having a crack on its screen.

However, it can soon become frustrating to continue using a damaged product. You’ll eventually want to have the screen fixed as quickly as possible. But, before you find ways to repair your broken iPad screen, take these steps to ensure you find the most suitable method to fix your tablet:

  1. Assess The Damage

Your first step should be to evaluate how bad the crack is. Fine hairline cracks are generally minor issues, but you could have them fixed if they bother you. Severe damage that affects your user experience, like cracks covering the whole screen, needs immediate restoration.

You could also have your device’s condition assessed by a professional service team specializing in iPad repair. Through consultation, they can tell you the severity of the cracks and if it’s still possible to fix them. You’ll learn from them which other parts of your iPad are affected and even offer to repair it on the spot for a reasonable price.

  1. Check The Apple Warranty

When you fully understand the condition of your iPad’s broken screen, check if its Apple warranty is still in effect. Apple provides a limited one-year warranty for all their devices and accessories, covering their products against hardware defects. You might also have purchased AppleCare+ for your iPad, a coverage plan that includes two incidents of damage protection every 12 months. 

If your iPad is still within warranty, you can go to your nearest Apple Service Center and have the technicians repair the broken screen. But, you must do step one first before doing this because Apple won’t fix all accidental damages. They don’t always count smaller cracks as damage to your iPad. But, if you bought AppleCare+, they may repair it for an excess fee.

With AppleCare+, Apple’s Service Center should repair your iPad for USD$49 regardless of the model. Without it, its out-of-warranty service fee can range from USD$199 to USD$649. As you can see, it’s quite a considerable jump. So, if your iPad has AppleCare+, do put it to good use. It’ll save you money and have your device repaired by credible technicians from Apple.

  1. Visit A Third-Party Technician

If your broken iPad is already past its warranty, don’t worry. You can still bring it to a third-party device repair service as long as it’s fixable. Take note that if you’ve decided to have a third-party service repair your iPad, they’ll void its active Apple warranty. So, only do this step if your iPad’s one-year warranty is over. 

Many third-party repair service centers still provide effective repairs for screen cracks of any size. Most of them even offer more affordable service fees. You only need to ensure that the service center is reputable; else, your precious iPad may receive more problems than solutions. Check the company’s customer reviews first if possible. 

You can find many Apple-verified repair stores in physical locations or online. Your iPad will have genuine replacement parts from these places and not sketchy alternatives. Some may also offer a warranty for repairs after fixing your iPad screen. So, in case something goes wrong, you can still have the issues resolved by them for free or for a lower price.

  1. Repair It Yourself

Typically, this step should be your last resort. If you’re tech-savvy and enjoy tinkering with modern gadgets, you could repair your cracked iPad screen at home.

However, you should only do this method if you’re confident in your skills. This step is also considerably cheaper since you won’t be paying extra labor fees. But, you do need a few tools to get started. You can buy a screen repair kit designed for your iPad model. Make sure to double-check the contents, too. 

You can start repairing it yourself when you’ve ascertained if the damage to your iPad is on the glass, LCD, or digitizer. Don’t forget to wear protective equipment, like gloves and goggles, to avoid possible injuries while you work.

  1. Protect It From Further Damage

After you have your iPad screen repaired, keep it protected from future cracking with a tempered glass screen protector. The glass will also shield your iPad’s screen from shattering, fingerprints, and scratches. Before you get one, make sure it fits your screen perfectly, so there won’t be unprotected gaps around the edges.

If you want to preserve your iPad after its cracked screen is fixed, you could put it in a case, cover, or sleeve. Apple offers many iPad cases in various colors and designs, but you can also find iPad sleeves from other retailers.


Getting a cracked iPad screen, no matter how small, can be a huge inconvenience. Fortunately, there are ways to repair it. Whichever method you choose, it must be a choice that suits the screen’s damage and your budget. And, once repaired, take the necessary precautions to protect it from cracking again.