Best Instagram Filters

Did you know that more than 20% of people in the United States have used beauty filters on their photos?

Beauty and image filters can change the appearance and effect of an image, making them resonate with others.

If you want to build a successful Instagram profile, you should know about the most effective filters.

Read below to discover the best Instagram filters so that you can increase your likes and comments!

Red Berries

One of the best Instagram filters that people use is the Red Berries option.

Red Berries filter gives a rosy appearance, yet manages to balance the contrast of colors. Most people use Red Berries when they are inside a building since it can help brighten up your space. There is a slight sparkle to the filter, making it appear like you are near a window.

This filter also helps make people look sleeker by smoothing out the face and skin.


If you are looking for the best Instagram filters for selfies, you should try Tokyo.

Tokyo can transform your dull images into a black and white photograph or video. Black and white filters are perfect when you want to capture a special moment or if the natural colors aren’t popping.

The great thing about this filter is that the black point isn’t as strong. This makes the image look more complex with different shades of gray.


Selfie filters are fun, especially when they can turn a rainy day into one filled with sunshine.

You can use this app to remove background items and apply the sunglasses filter for summer vibes. The shades of white and yellow will make it look like you are laying out in the sun, even if you are sitting in the office.

Not only does this filter change the color and contrast settings, but it also adds aviator glasses.

Prism Light

Sometimes you don’t see a rainbow after the rain, but you always can on Instagram.

The Prism Light filter adds a touch of color to the sky and water when you capture a shot. This can turn a normal moment into a magical memory, especially if you are already surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Shades of green and blue are most affected by this filter.


When you have vibrant colors surrounded by shade, it’s difficult to snap the beauty.

Instead of settling for an unbalanced photo, apply the Clarendon filter. This filter helps brighten the light colors and darkens the edges. At the same time, it cools the tones of color down so that the light gets balanced.

This is a great way to enhance pictures that don’t need any special effects. It’s also a good option when you don’t want to alter the colors too much.

Use the Best Instagram Filters Today

There’s a reason that the best Instagram filters are used so often.

Not only do these filters enhance your images and draw attention to the most important items, but they make you look more talented. Selfie filters can turn an average portrait into something professional.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the filters, especially when you can play with the lighting. Check out our blog for more articles about using filters for photos and the latest technology trends!