Does your current iPad feel too cumbersome?

Perhaps, it’s time for a sleeker, more compact version like the mini.

Preferences change over time for several reasons. Fortunately, you can always buy a new iPad to match your new circumstances.

Let’s dig more into iPad screen size features and points to consider.

Know Your iPad Screen Size Dimensions

The Apple iPad is over a decade old. Since then, the product has undergone several updates and design upgrades. Thus, the product has seen varying screen dimensions over the years.

There are currently four iPad models:

  • The mini
  • Traditional (standard) iPad
  • The iPad Pro
  • The iPad Air

Right now, the iPad mini’s screen measures 8.3 inches; previously, it measured at just 7.9 inches. However, you can still buy the original models used from previous owners.

The standard iPad screen measures 10.2 inches currently. Both the mini and standard are ideal for reading, but the standard may be better for users who enjoy a larger text font size. It’s also suitable for digital drawing, but you may want to upgrade to a pro to enjoy more features.

The iPad Pro has a larger screen, making it more applicable to digital art. Pro iPad screens range from 11 to just under 13 inches at 12.9 inches. These versions are also ideal for digital marketers who need many social media management tools, content creation tools, and more essentials.

The fourth version is the iPad Air. As the name suggests, this model is the lightest of the four. Its screen size currently measures 10.9 inches. This product is perfect for light reading at the beach or airport.

Tips for Taking Care of Your iPad Screen

Did your preferred iPad screen size become obsolete?

Taking extra care of your iPad screen will keep your favorite tablets in excellent condition for longer.

You don’t have to buy an iPad cleaning kit, but they are available. You can also purchase special screen cleaning wipes for phones and tablets.

Any lint-free cloth from your home will work fine, but ensure it’s extra soft. Any abrasions will scratch the screen’s surface. You don’t want to wipe your screen too much either.

Lightly dampen the cloth to wipe away stubborn grime, but never use spray cleaners directly onto the screen. You don’t even need soap; a dab of warm water is fine for dirty screens.

You can also buy small air compressors for waterless cleaning. These tools are great for getting stubborn dust out of iPad screen corners.

Take further care of your screen by using a protective iPad case regularly. Individual screen protectors are also available. Despite best efforts, you may need a replacement of iPad screen display features at some point.

Remember to unplug your iPad when cleaning with liquids and cleaners. Dry the screen extra well to avoid liquid seeping into the tablet.

Find (and Protect) the Right iPad Screen Size

Consider everything from lifestyle to dimension preferences when choosing and caring for your iPad screen. Previous screen sizes may also be available through individual sellers and resell shops.

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