8 Ball Pool Trickshots

8 ball pool is one of the best games whose trend is prevailing nowadays a lot. Therefore, becoming a pro in this game is worth it. Many people try different platforms to learn the 8 ball pool game and also play it on different modes, such as offline and online. In online gaming, people love playing the 8 ball pool game on Getmega, where many different tournaments are organized on a regular basis.

Here, we are going to tell you about the top tricks to become a pro in the pool game.

Top 10 best 8 ball pool trickshots for you to make your gameplay epic:

  • Become familiar with the rules and use them as a weapon

Following the rules of any game mostly leads to wins. For instance, if you had made a cue ball foul, then your opponent gets a chance of the ball in hand. But the player did not have any ball, thus, the player will need to place the ball where it was earlier. This can give you another chance for hitting the ball you want. But remember, this trick will fail in tournaments as in tournaments, the player can place the ball anywhere on the table. It can give you a considerable disadvantage and make you lose the tournament.

  • Do a Perfect opening

In games like the 8 ball pool, a perfect opening also matters for winning the game. While opening the game, if you sink 2-3 balls, then you can gain a big profit in the game. This move can change the winners of the game and you will be able to build a world record. But be careful as this trickshot can be a little bit dangerous if you by mistake potted the 8th ball. This will give your opponent a chance for winning. Hence, you should take care of the perfect opening.

  • Choose the most scattered group

This one is the most important among all 8 ball pool trickshots. Some people think that if they had potted 1-2 balls in breaking the rack, then they would choose that group only. Or some people think that striped balls are lucky for them so they choose that group. For choosing the most ideal group, you have to check whether the balls are scattered near the pockets or not. If yes, then choose that group even if you had potted some balls during the breaking of the rack. This will increase your chances of winning in less time.

  • Make a proper strategy for the game

In every game, whether it is an 8 ball pool or any other game, strategy is the most vital component for winning. All games are designed with a motive for increasing the strategy-making of a person. Before taking any shots, take a look at the whole table and think about whether you can put that ball or this ball. The ball whose chances are more for getting potted, pick that one.

  • Focus on torque spins and cutting techniques

Torque spins and cutting techniques are very beneficial for the players of the 8 ball pool. Focusing on these techniques helps us to master the game and win it. Sometimes, it leads to fouls if not done properly, but works excellently when played right. It can change the game and make you win. Prefer to learn these 8 ball pool trickshots in friendly matches or training matches. 

  • Prepare some cut shots

Learn and practice different cut shots at a time. Some basic cut shots you should learn to win the game easily are: back cut, rail cut, the bank cut, and kick cut shots. Once you have mastered all these cut shots, you will be able to pot the different balls at a time without the perfect position of the cue ball.

  • Utilize the built-in bridge

The bridge is called a rake in which all the balls are kept before starting the game. Use that stick as a bridge instead of your hand when your object ball and cue ball are far and the perfect angle is across the pool table. This will help you to pot the ball more easily.

  • Practice Masse 8 Ball trick shot

Masse 8 ball trick shot is one of the most difficult in all other 8 ball pool trickshots used by the players. In this shot, players spin the ball at a particular angle and shoot the ball kept behind the ball near to the cue ball. This trick shot will surely make you win.

  • Make Draw shots

Making Draw shots also lets you win when you are in a big problem. This shot also can make a foul against you so use it carefully.

  • Try avoiding combination shots

This shot is used when you want to hit the object ball, which is kept after another ball. This shot needs to be avoided as it may cause fouls.


The above are the best 8 ball pool trickshots but the best trick is practice. The more you practice, the fewer matches you lose. This game can be played online from anywhere via a number of gaming apps. One such app is GetMega. It provides you the best cue and balls nostalgic vibes for which people wander at different places. Moreover, you can win real-time cash and prizes. Enjoy online gaming.