Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a top-rated multiplayer first-person shooter game with a reputation for being hardcore and almost impossible for noobs to crack. A reputation which is pretty well earned as for most of the players who are casual players and have little to no experience with hardcore first-person shooter game, Escape from Tarkov, in simpler terms, could feel like a baptism of fire, at least at the very beginning when they have low-rated gear & tech. But it is also the most rewarding gameplay in the market for those who enjoy realistic gunplay, teamwork and strategic planning.

If you are a newbie into the world of Escape from Tarkov and want to better perform than dying within the first minute, then here are some tips and tricks that can help you out immediately; just follow the below-mentioned Escape from tarkov hacks to the letter and see an exponential increase in your performance output.

  • Run only Scav Raids in the beginning

The objective of the game is apparent in the name; you have to Escape from Tarkov with your life intact, which simply means you have to survive a raid in one of the many maps available to play in Escape from Tarkov. If you have already started playing Escape from Tarkov, then you have already chosen a faction. Still, for those who are planning to foray into this beautiful multiplayer shooting game as soon as you reboot your game you will be asked to pick either BEAR or USEC as your clan of choice. It does not really impact your game what you choose, but you can decide to play either PMC or as a Scav Raider after the selection.

It is highly advisable for a beginner to start their adventure by playing at least a couple of Scav Raids in the beginning. By playing Scav Raids, you would not only be able to get a better handle on your gear, but you do not have to worry about the other players as well unless you attack them first. Another significant benefit of Scav Raids is that in the end, if you are able to escape, you get to keep the gear you have collected in the round.

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  • Insuring your gear is always better

When you have sufficiently good gear from regularly playing Scav Raids, you can dare to foray as a PMC. The practice that you have gotten from Scav Raids will come in handy here. But as a PMC, there is a high likelihood of you dying quite a lot more than Scav Raids, and if when you lose, you lose your gear as well. 

Although there is a get around to that, and that is insuring your gear with either Prapor or Therapist. If no one picks up your gear, the insured gear would be returned to you by Prapor or Therapist. The main difference between a Prapor and a Therapist is that Prapor offers cheaper insurance and takes a bit longer for the insured item to return. In contrast, a therapist is more expensive and would return the insured gear within 24 hours.

  • Always have access to your map

Since the name of the game is Escape from Tarkov, it is pretty evident that you are going to get lost a lot during the course of your gameplay. One of the PRO gaming advice you could follow to have a better understanding of your location in the game is loading the map on a secondary screen, be it a mobile device or a tablet.

One can easily access these maps through Reddit or other gaming sites where you can find community maps for free.

  • Do not ignore your quests

Escape from Tarkov is quite different from many of the multiplayer shooting games currently available in the market, as you will find that there are several quests in the game that, when completed, unlock new items and traders. To progress in the game and have a better relationship with the traders so that you can purchase high-level gear, completing these quests are of paramount importance.

Do not worry, though, if you are worried that it would be too much for you to handle; there are guides available online that can help you guide through on how to complete specific quests.

  • Bring only the essential stuff on a raid

As mentioned before, if you lose in Tarkov, you will lose the gear you brought for the raid unless they have been insured, and even then, they could be picked by other players. So, it is common sense that one should bring only essential stuff on a raid, and even then, only those that one can afford to lose.

  • Make the best use of offline raids

If you want to learn the map better or want to better yourself at your gameplay that is shooting, finding hiding spots for the future, then you can make use of offline raids available on Escape from Tarkov. The above-mentioned tips and tricks are highly effective and help you improve your play. When you are ready to play like a pro, you should follow this guide. Certainly, beginners can reap the maximum benefits out of these tips and tricks.