Google Photos unlimited free storage ends on May 31

Google Photos has been offering unlimited free storage for photos and videos for quite some time now. However, starting June 1, any new photos and videos that you sync to Google Photos will count towards your free 15GB storage that comes along with every Google account. The good part is that any photos and videos that are uploaded till May 31 will remain as is and not count in the 15GB free quota. The company has also added a new tool to help you see what occupies your storage.

What is crystal clear from this move announced in November is that Google wants to encourage the users to buy the Google One storage subscription which starts at Rs 169 per month in India for 100GB of storage. I feel it is a wise move to upload and sync as much of photos and videos you want to before the June 1 deadline. The backup quality can be checked in the Google Photos app by going to Settings-> Back up & Sync.

From June 1, by using the Google’s 15GB free quota, more than 80% of the users will be able to upload three years of media to Google Photos. You will also be notified via email if your used storage is about to hit the 15GB mark. Earlier this month, Google also added a new tool in the Photos app which suggests the media you might consider deleting.

Here’s what all you can do to avoid exhausting the 15GB storage that comes with your Google account:
– Turn off upload by going to Settings-> Back up & Sync
– Buy Google One storage plan at Rs 169 per month for 100GB storage
– Consider iCloud storage on iPhone which gives 50GB at Rs 75 per month

With over 28 billion new photos and videos being uploaded to Google Photos every week, there are currently more than 4 trillion photos stored on Google Photos. Now, that’s a massive number and the company believes the need to charge users for more storage in order to manage it better. Will you still continue using Google Photos once the free unlimited storage ends?