unlock iphone while wearing a mask

In these COVID times when wearing mask is a necessity, it was indeed a wish to be able to unlock our iPhone using FaceID while wearing a mask. Well, you can do so now with the release of iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4. With the new software updates, your day will get easier to get through without having to enter your passcode each time you need to use your iPhone while wearing a mask. All you need is your Apple Watch to be in your close proximity to allow you to unlock your iPhone like you usually do, this time time while wearing a mask.

You need the following to be able to use FaceID to unlock your iPhone when you are wearing a mask:

  • iPhone X and later with FaceID running iOS 14.5 or later
  • Apple Watch Series 3 and later running watchOS 7.4 or later

Here’s how you can enable the feature that allows you to unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode, and scroll to the new Unlock With Apple Watch option
  2. Toggle it to turn On the feature

With all the settings in order, here’s what you need to know- your iPhone isn’t expecting your face with a mask, it just expects a face with a mask. So, with this feature turned on, even your partner can unlock your iPhone when in close proximity. When your iPhone is unlocked, you get a prompt on your watch telling you that your iPhone has been unlocked and a button to lock it back. Once you lock using that button, your iPhone will prompt for the passcode the next time you unlock it.

The new feature definitely compromises somewhat on the security aspect, but I feel it does make life convenient because we are always wearing a mask these days, and if you aren’t wearing one, we urge you to wear it at all times when you move out of your home. Also maintain social distancing and wash your hands regularly.