Portable Document Format, widely known as PDF, is a file type that people use worldwide. Due to its convenience, it can be found in most workplaces and school settings. But, similar to the saying about common sense, knowledge of how to use PDF is uncommon. That is where problems arise.

With the pandemic having no end in sight, most institutions have turned to online resources. To adjust to the world’s new normal, businesses now have work-from-home setups and online classes being offered. In this situation, documents that can be sent through email have become more prominent and utilized.

Usually, you would have to understand how PDFs work painstakingly. There are sites out there that can help you convert PDF, but they’re usually limited or require payment. Thankfully, there is a website that can help you with any of your PDF setbacks for absolutely free of charge. Here is PDFBear, your one-stop-PDF-shop for your work and study woes. 

PDFBear and its Features

As the name suggests, PDFBear is a free online PDF conversion tool that solely handles PDF files. It mainly works as a PDF converter to Word or other file types, like JPG and PPT, among others, and vice-versa. You would think that having a free online tool for PDF conversion is impressive by itself, but it doesn’t end there.

Converting PDFs is not the only function of PDFBear. The site offers you a whole array of other options to further assist you in your PDF needs. You won’t have to look for another website to have your PDF files modified to your liking. Most, if not all, of your PDF concerns, could be solved in just this one website.

Merge and Split

Did your teacher ever send you multiple different PDF files that could have been combined into one, complete document? Have you ever been given a whole PDF document by your floor manager and was asked to divide and distribute it to your fellow employees? If you have undergone a similar experience like these, then you know it’s such a hassle.

Here is where PDFBear can rescue your behind. The website gives you the ability to merge several PDF files into one easily. For example, you can combine all the PDF chapters given by your professor and turn it into an e-book of sorts. Additionally, the site can also split an entire PDF document into various, separate files.

Compress and Repair

Another feature of the site is it allows you to shrink the file size of your PDF. It is called Compress PDF, and it could be used in many situations. For example, in a work-from-home setting, you were asked to submit a report but couldn’t because the file is too large. You can Compress the file and shrink it without compromising the quality of your document.

PDFBear also has developed software that fixes your corrupted PDF files. It’s called Repair PDF. Their PDF File Repair Software will try to recover your damaged document and return it to a workable state. They cannot guarantee that it will work all the time since it would also depend on how corrupt your file is, but it will work if it’s still recoverable.

Password Encryption

Have you ever been given responsibility for a very crucial PDF file by your company, and you want to guard it at all costs? Do you want that extra bit of protection for your case study? If yes, then PDFBear can provide you the solution to your problem. It gives you the option to encrypt your file.

The feature is called Protect PDF. When you use this, their software will ask you to put a password on the document. Once it’s finished, the file can’t be viewed unless the correct password has been input. You will never have to worry about anyone trying to get a peek of your hard work and business secrets. 

In A Nutshell

Trying to fiddle with PDF files can be a mess if done wrong. Learning its ins and outs will take a long time before you even become familiar with them. But with PDFBear PDF conversion tool, you won’t have any problems with PDFs anymore. Aside from its conversion tool, it also has other features that will surely rid you of your work or school woes. Well, at least the PDF-related ones.