Fleet Vehicle Dash Camera and Drive Recorder Guide

As a fleet company investor, it is crucial to appreciate that technology has brought numerous positive changes to the sector. Fleet management is now easy and detailed, providing managers with accurate data to make decisions. One of the solutions is surveillance systems, which includes the use of dashboard and cabin cameras.

Today, fleet vehicles do not just rely on ordinary video recorders but sophisticated devices with the following features:

  • High recording resolutions of either 1080p or 4K for clear details
  • Real-time transmission of footage and data to a remote location
  • The use of GPS and internet technology for real-time data relay
  • Motion and activity detection sensors to get footage at the right time
  • Other useful features that differ between brands

Fleet companies that have yet to install state of the art surveillance system for their fleet are missing a lot. But it is not too late since you can speak with experts to get a guide on the best surveillance systems to use. The guide below will prove to be invaluable to you.

Check the Features

We have already mentioned the most common features in modern dash cams and other surveillance devices. Always choose devices with high resolutions and ensure that they can transmit footage in real-time. As such, your solution should have a GPS system to identify the location of the recording in real-time. Such data is useful when responding to various emergencies, especially those that involve the authorities.

The Eyeride website has some of the best options to suit different fleets and their needs. When you are not too sure of what is best for your fleet company, always consult the experts even if it means paying for such services.

Check the Software

Unlike the old surveillance systems, the current ones use software to display footage and data in real-time. Managers and fleet owners can access such data remotely on their computer or mobile device because there is a software for it.

The good thing is that the two work as a package. When choosing the surveillance system, this software is part of it. Thus, only choose one with compelling features that take care of the company’s needs in a perfect way.

Look at the Benefits

Vehicle dash camera and driver recorder have many benefits, but one can only pick one with benefits that meet the needs of the company. One of the major benefits is to protect the fleet by providing evidence of car-jacking, malicious damage of cargo, theft of vehicles and cargo, and irresponsible driving habits. This is what every fleet owner has in mind when buying and installing such a solution.

Another reason is to provide reliable and accurate data when making certain decisions. As such, the solution that is chosen should have software that can make reports of certain occurrences, time of such occurrences, and location. Fleet managers use such data to find safe routes, train drivers, and follow up on accidents and theft cases.


It is evident that a fleet dash camera and driver recorder solutions are extremely crucial. Focus on the guide that we have given above and include other tips to choose the best solution for your company.