Fancy displays, 5G connectivity and a whole lot of jazz was what made the OnePlus Global launch exciting. Here are some other interesting products which made the event even more worthwhile.

The One Plus 7

Even though the OnePlus 7 Pro looks ridiculously good, it is a bit more expensive when compared to the company’s previous phones. However, fear not since the all-new OnePlus 7 will fix that for you.

The little brother comes with almost all the same features. The OnePlus 7 is packed with a Snapdragon 855 Processor with up to 8GB RAM & 128/256GB UFS 3.0 storage options.

The device’s display is a 6.4-inch, AMOLED, FHD+ screen with a 60Hz panel. The screen trade-off is one of the sacrifices you will be making for paying a little less.

One Plus 7

Source: OnePlus India

The camera in OP7 is a dual-lens setup compared to the triple lens in the 7 Pro. The first lens is a 48-megapixel, f/1.7 lens with OIS with the second one being a 16MP complementing the popular “UltraShot” the company is pushing in this new series.

The front 16MP camera remains the same with all other features like ‘Nightscape 2.0’, portrait mode and HDR technology being offered.

Other hardware directly related to speed and performance remains the same with the phone also having an under-screen fingerprint sensor, dual Dolby Atmos speakers and just a tad smaller 3700 mAh battery compared to 7 Pro’s 4000 one.

OnePlus 7- Specs

Source: OnePlus India

However, since the front camera will not be inside the screen in the OnePlus 7, expect a notch on the top side of the phone. Although, it is barely noticeable it is still there.

The One Plus 7 will release in two different shades of Mirror Grey and Red. The 6GB/128GB Mirror Grey variant will go on sale for 32,999 INR, the 8GB/256 GB model for 37,999 with the Red one going for the same price.

OnePlus 7- Prices

Source: OnePlus India

OnePlus has tried to provide an affordable yet powerful device which lives up to its elder sibling. The trade-off of paying less comes in the form of an older screen, a dual-lens camera, smaller battery and the same charging technology compared to the new Warp Charge. For users looking for a good balance between daily use and money, the OnePlus 7 is the perfect combination. If you’re a bit hungrier for power, go back to our part 1 and click on the link to buy the OP7 Pro!

New OS – Oxygen 9.5

The all-new OxygenOS 9.5 is a sweet complimentary release to the new lines of the phone by OnePlus. The operating system will now come with an even lighter build, a faster frame and tons of new features.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode

Source: OnePlus India

The importance of moderate gadget use has been emphasised by OnePlus is this new release through a feature called ‘Zen Mode’. This new mode will help you fight mobile addictions by locking out the entire phone for 20 minutes at a time. The Zen mode will allow a user to take a short break, so they may rest their eyes. Only the emergency dialer and the camera will be useable during this time.

Gaming redefined – Fnatic Mode

OnePlus has also partnered with CS 1.6 veteran e-sports team Fnatic Gaming and have created a new gaming mode called ‘Fnatic Mode’.

Designed to ‘supercharge’ your gaming experience, this new mode will push your OP7 Pro to the limits by turbocharging all the hardware and cutting out all the distractions. Messages and calls will be automatically blocked and the 2nd SIM will stop working when the Fnatic mode is on. You will also be able to manually enhance your display to increase the brightness of the panel and while retaining immsersiveness.

Screen Recorder

Thanks to the new OS, the OP7 Pro is getting a native screen recorder with complete control over the technical side. Users will be able to choose the resolution they record their phone screen in. Bitrate selection can also be done with values ranging from 20 to 1 MBPS.

You can now also choose between recording in-phone audio or the external microphone to customise the type of feed you want. The new screen recorder goes nicely with the gaming features built in the OS as mobile gamers will easily record their gameplay and show it off online.

Other feature changes include the implementation of Google Lens into the camera app, better compatibility and upgrade times. We can expect a lot more from Oxygen considering it is a OnePlus Product.

OnePlus Bullets Version 2.0

What’s a good phone without the right audio gear? Thankfully OnePlus knows that and along with the release of their two new phones, the Wireless Bullets are also along for the ride. The New Wireless 2 Bullets are a major overhaul of the company’s previous set.

The earbuds have been incorporated with a combination of two Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers and one 10mm dynamic driver in each earbud. The company is promising a crisp premium sound with soft trebles and low basses.

Fortunately, Warp Charge is also coming to play here as the Bullets will work for over 10 hours by just a 10-minute charge. Fully charging them will get you almost 14 hours of uninterrupted listening time.

OnePlus Bullets 2

Source: OnePlus India

The Bullets 2 also have greater functionality with features like Quick Pair which will allow a OnePlus user to pair his/her phone by just separating the magnetic earbuds and clicking a button. You can also easily switch between devices by tapping the built-in button in the earbuds in a matter of seconds.

 The device is also powered by Qualcomm’s cVc™ noise cancellation technology so voice calls also won’t be an issue. The stainless-steel inspired buds also have Google Assistant integration. OnePlus is heavily emphasising the buds use with the new 7 series. However, they will work all the same with older models too.

The OnePlus Wireless 2 Bullets are priced at 5,990 INR. Click here to buy them. With the Global event now wrapped up nicely, it is now a waiting game to see how many new customers join the OnePlus family. Synchronised release of all these new devices is sure to make a buzz which will last for a long time. All eyes on you competitors!


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