Cheers and applause took hold of auditoriums as OnePlus held its launch event across the world a few days ago. Thousands watched as key people including CEO Pete Lau unveiled what looks to be a revolutionary year for the OnePlus family and tech enthusiasts over. There was a lot of exciting news the company was willing to share. For those of you who missed it or just simply want to relive the glory, read about the biggest announcements down below:

OnePlus 7 Pro

Of course, the star of the show was none other than the highly anticipated OnePlus 7 Pro. The entire event was mostly focused around this ‘Flagship Killer’ as various spokespeople showcased the beasts’ features. From the rumoured triple camera setup to its fluid 90Hz screen, here are the final specifications for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Soc – As speculated before, the processor for the OP7 Pro is the all-new octa-core Snapdragon 855 processor which is capable of insane performance and speed.

The Adreno 640 GPU coupled with the 6/8/12GB RAM options will ensure top-notch speed and a lag-free experience when it comes to simple everyday tasks and even heavy gaming. The GPU will be 20% faster and 30% more power efficient than the 6T.

Qualcomm has also employed a new technology called ‘RAM Boost’ which will automatically prioritize your most used apps and games and keep them ready to launch at the push of a button without any loss in time.


One of the biggest challenges in designing this phone was the build itself, the inclusion of all the already existing parts users have come to love along with new technologies in a tiny slim build must have been difficult. However, OnePlus managed it especially in their 5G variant.

Source: OnePlus YouTube

“We challenged ourselves to keep to the same design as the One Plus 7 Pro so although it might look the same on the outside, but inside it’s very different. Our 5G device is the perfect example of our mantra ‘Never Settle” said Kate Parkyn.

A stacked PCP design was envisioned and adopted and countless tumble tests were done to make sure the phone was still strong. An all glass body, no notches and a beautiful under screen fingerprint sensor along with side notification lights surely must have been a night but the end result is before your eyes.


The camera setup in the Pro is a triple lens setup with different lenses installed to ensure a clear output. The first lens in the setup is a 48MP 1/2 Sensor f/1.6 Aperture with a 3X Zoom, the second telephoto lens comes with an 8MP capability and an aperture of f/2.4. The camera also includes Optical Image Stabilisation so your images will come out clear without blur. The last lens in the list is an ultra-wide angle one which will feature 117 degrees of Field of View with an f2/2 aperture.

The company is also giving users the option to choose from three different modes of focus which will instruct the camera to work together and tell it what to focus on. The three modes are called: PDAF, CAF, LASER AF.

The OP7 Pro will also come with a redesigned night mode called Nightscape 2.0 which will capture clearer and sharper images in the night time.

Vice President of OnePlus France Akis Evangelidis proudly displayed the score of the camera (111 DXOMARK MOBILE, 118 Photo, 98 Video) and called it “The most advanced and complete camera ever delivered.”

Source: OnePlus YouTube

That’s not it though. The front camera of the phone is a 16MP lens which emerges from inside of the body. Looking up online, it seems the camera’s mechanism seems to be powered by magnets and is also designed to automatically close if the phone is in a freefall. The same was proudly demonstrated by Akis during the event.

Funnily enough, OnePlus has uploaded 12-hour long stress of the front cam in use. So, if you’re bored while waiting for your phone to arrive, click here for some quality entertainment.


OnePlus finally listened to their fans. Audio immersion gets even better because now the Pro is finally coming with dual stereo speakers combined with Dolby ATMOS technology. This phone is sure going all out and that’s not it either.

Source: OnePlus YouTube

There will also be a new haptic vibration motor for greater tactile feedback and possible interactivity with the phone for users.

Warp Speed

Charging gets even faster with Warp Charge 30 as the OP7 Pro will now go from 0 to 48% in just 20 minutes. This new technology will greatly help not just the performance but even the overall life of the 4000 mAh battery. Warp 30 is also 38% faster than the OnePlus 6T.

Source: OnePlus YouTube

Another great thing is that using your phone even for gaming while charging will not affect the performance or slow down the charge in any way.

Speaking of speed, the OP7 Pro is also the first phone to ship with UFS 3.0 storage. On paper that doesn’t mean a lot. In hand it means Read/Write speeds which will be off the charts and loading times of applications cut down to almost zero. Combine that with the processor and RAM, you almost won’t even need to click something to open it.

A Revolutionary Turn

For the first time ever OnePlus is making the two biggest new changes which are not only new for the company but for the entire smartphone world.

The first is the 6.7” 90Hz display which the phone will include. Affectionately dubbed ‘Fluid AMOLED Display’, the screen will render frames up to 90 times per second ensure that every action you perform is crisp and fast to the eye. Moreover, the display will also support HDR10 & 10+ content thereby futureproofing the phone.

The second big change coming to the 7Pro is the 5G connectivity. For the first time, OnePlus has partnered with UK telecom giant EE to incorporate 5G technology in the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone.

Source: OnePlus YouTube

Speaking at the event EE CEO Marc Allera discussed this ambitious news in detail and talked about the insane amount of changes 5G will make in the modern world.

Allera spoke about exciting new possibilities which come with 5G such as cloud application system which will one day eliminate the need to install apps on your phone at all. The same would also extend to mobile gaming thus rendering large downloads obsolete.

Movies and lossless files will be downloaded in an instant thanks to the OP7 Pro’s redesigned 5G antennas which are 50% smaller in size than conventional ones and still equally fast. The antenna design is unique to OnePlus.

The OP7 Pro 5G variant will launch in 9 cities in the UK initially with more to follow. There’s no news on an Indian 5G model yet but we hope there will be in the not so distant future.


And finally, we get to the part where you have to part with your hard-earned money. But we’ll be honest, with all that you’re getting this seems like a reasonable price to pay.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was unveiled across various countries so naturally prices also vary. The OP7 Pro in India is going to come in three different choices of RAM and storage options.

The device will come in colours like Mirror Grey, Almond & Nebula Blue.

Source: OnePlus YouTube

The 6GB model will come with 128 GB UFS 3.0 storage and will be available for 48,999 INR in the Mirror Grey colour.

The 8GB model + 256GB storage will be going for 52,999 and will be available in Mirror Grey, Almond and Nebula Blue while the 12+256GB model will be 57,999. 

The phone is now available to pre-order from Amazon. Click here. Stay tuned for the next part which tells you about other products which were launched!