After a great success of Jio and its services, Mukesh Ambani has yet again come with another mindboggling idea, Jio Giga Fiber to revolutionize the telecom and networking business. Jio Giga Fiber is a service of broadband connections whose registrations have started for the services since last year’s, August 15, 2018.
Unlike BSNL and others, Jio will not only provide FTTH broadband services but the company will also provide other add-on Jio services like Giga Router, Jio GigaTV, Jio SmartHome, HD TV Calling and more.
Jio broadband is proffering you 100 GB monthly data free for 3 months at internet speed of up to 100Mbps under the 90 days preview period. You can choose to buy Jio Giga Fiber related equipment through Amazon Coupons for best pricing.

Registrations and Installation

Since registrations have been open, you can go and register for Jio Giga Fiber service on Jio’s website. Jio will look into the registration density in that locality and if your locality gets selected, you can enjoy this revolutionary service from Jio.
As per Jio, the cost of installation will be free. Though installation fees are zero, still customers will be a paying refundable security deposit of 4500 bucks for Jio’s Broadband router.

Jio Giga Fiber welcomes Optical Cables in the broadband sector with its new scheme. While other telecom companies are still using copper wires for the broadband connections, Jio has come with Fiber optic cables technology. As these wires are known for their lossless data transmission, bringing them in the market will surely ensure high-speed internet connection. Here you can check about high speed internet speed providers.

With the Jio GigaFiber, the company plans to convey offer wall-to-wall FTTH service for telephones, TVs, PCs, and different gadgets. The wall-to-wall FTTH service here implies that the internet speed of the service won’t plunge in spite of the hindrance caused by the walls. The service is relied upon to take off in 1100 cities in the first phase of release.

Jio Giga Fiber Plans

There have not been any revelations from Jio about Jio Giga Fiber’s plans. But as per reports, these services can start as low as ₹500 while providing 100GB per month at the same time.

Jio Giga Fiber addons

Jio Giga Fiber comes with many sub-services under its domain:

Jio Giga Router

Reliance Jio will be installing Jio Giga Routers in houses to provide the best internet experience. As per Jio itself, the company claims to give the ultra-fast internet speed with uninterrupted lags. Another option is having the best long range wifi router 2020 if you’re looking for fast and stable internet at home.

Jio Giga TV

Jio Giga TV is another internet-enabled service which lies under the umbrella of Jio Giga Fiber. Jio will be providing Jio set-up boxes that can stream up to 400 plus channels. Whether it is movie, music or news, Jio Giga TV acts as another sophisticated DTH service in the market.

Jio HD TV Calling

Along with Jio Giga TV, Jio Giga Fiber drives an extra mile in favor of TV callings. Now, you can make HD video calls from one TV to another from your own Giga TV via Jio Giga Fiber network.

Jio SmartHome Solutions and more

Jio has made dreams come true by bringing augmented and virtual reality in the business. Along with that, the telecom brand will also be offering 360 videos. Probably Jio will provide VR handsets with Jio Giga TV connections.

Apart from these exceptional services, Jio has landed with IoT stuff in the market. Jio Giga Fiber comes with an addon which will blend Smart Home solutions like home security, sirens, home lighting, smoke and gas sensors in your homes. Explore more related handsets and other devised with Flipkart Coupons available with


Jio Giga Fiber is surely the networking revolution in the country which will bring the high-speed internet plus high-tech IoT services in our country, India. Though many other companies like Airtel and BSNL are also aiming for the same, Jio is still ahead of these two companies. So, if you want to get some sophisticated internet services at your home, Jio Giga Fiber is good to go definitely.