When Gionee announced their newest flagship model The A1 back in February, they took the market by storm as everyone was waiting for their next model after the immense success of the Gionee S6 Pro. Post the phone release we examined it carefully and needless to say were impressed. However, there are particular things we loved about the new A1 and we thought to share. So, the 7 best things we love about A1 are:

1. Design

The incredible design on the A1 makes it a beauty to behold. Gionee has made sure that the strongest metal is used in the construction of the phone to make it sturdy and hence the phone is said to be forged out of aircraft grade metal so that you don’t compromise on the safety of your phone. The A1 has been designed in such a way that its sleekness shines its way through. The edges have been contoured to make sure they blend along with the screen and don’t pop out.

At the back of the phone two, very distinct metal bands can be seen which are present at the very top and the bottom of the phone separately. The Gionee logo also has a place in the very middle just below the LED flash so as to make the design complete. Special care has also been taken to ensure the phone remains slim and lightweight. The phone measures 154.50 x 76.50 x 8.30 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 183 grams.


2. Front Camera


The one thing we absolutely love about the A1 is its massive 16MP front camera. Every company nowadays values good camera construction as they realize that customers love nothing more than to click selfies and shoot videos but Gionee really knocked it out of the park with the A1. The 16MP front camera is more than enough to take quality selfies and one might even say it’s a little overkill since it also comes with a front LED flash which is extremely rare.

The front lens also has a wide aperture of F2.0 which allows more light to enter it hence making your photos brighter.  The inbuilt selfie software that allows photos to be edited effortlessly also is a handy tool with options to slim, white and even enlarge eyes right off the bat. Gionee’s move to invest so much in a front camera is sure a bold one and it should easily pay off considering we live in the selfie generation.


3. Expandable Storage

We have said this before and we will say it again, a phone is nothing without decent storage under its hood and the Gionee knows that rule and has cleverly employed it in the A1. The phone comes packed with a massive 64GB amount of storage which is further expandable up to 256GB. Considering the low price of the A1 (19,999) this is an extremely good move as standard storage provided these days doesn’t cross more than 32GB.

The extra storage gives users much more room to store their content and use the device without the low space warning trashing their experience. The storage also serves as a boon to the SIM slot as now you don’t have to insert a Sd card to increase it, which would normally take up one SIM slot.


4. Battery


How many times has it happened that you charged your phone completely and it still doesn’t last the entire day leaving you frustrated? If your answer is often then Gionee has a treat for you. The A1 has been packed with a huge 4010 mAh battery which will easily last anyone throughout the entire day.

Even though Gionee took special care to make the phone as slim as possible, they still knew that deep down consumers care for battery more than looks and they took both the points and mixed them up. The battery has been made in such a way that it occupies least space possible while making the phone slim and lightweight. This is very impressive as you seldom see phones with a huge battery while still being lightweight but Gionee did that too. The company claims that the battery is so powerful that it will last for 2 days on a single charge even while being used. That is a bold claim to make, let’s hope it pays off!


5. Processor

Typical phones have processors that are dual core or quad core at best and they hold their ground pretty well while being used. However, to get exceptional performance you must have exceptional hardware and that is where the A1 stands out again. The phone is powered by an MT6755 Octa-core processor which clocks a speed of 2.0 GHz. This is some massive power in such a little phone.

An octa-core processor easily defeats all competition as no matter how many apps you run on the phone, it won’t break a sweat. Combine that with 4GB ram that comes preinstalled in the Gionee A1 you have an unstoppable beast which will not overheat and will give you unparalleled performance.


6. Display


Even though its further down the list, that doesn’t make the screen in a phone any less important. A good phone with good specs under the hood must have a display that compliments them well when the actual action starts. Whether it is playing games, watching movies or your everyday tasks, it is important that the screen gives the quality you paid for while being easy on the wallet.

The Gionee A1 comes equipped with a Full HD Screen (1920 x 1080) which uses an in-cell panel. This panel technology has come recently in the market and not many companies are employing it but seeing the new A1 we think it’s safe to assume that Gionee doesn’t care about taking risks. The Display has its upsides like better color reproduction, less flicker and little to no heating. The screen looks absolutely beautiful while playing games or watching HD videos and movies and it is safe to say it won’t disappoint.


7. Software

More often than not, the software side of mobile phones goes unnoticed mainly due to the fact that customers focus more on the solid specs like RAM, Screen etc. This results in companies not caring enough to release stable updates for phone software which further leads to models failing and dissatisfied customers. However, there are also companies that recognize that in order to get a complete fluid experience a phone must have a good operating system that is stable. Gionee is one of them.

The Gionee A1 comes pre-installed with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 Operating system. Gionee has explicitly said that will constantly work to ensure that every Gionee phone receives constant updates with software improvements. Having good hardware doesn’t matter unless your software knows how to utilize it and Gionee’s commitment towards this is the reason the operating system made the list. Gionee has invested and risked a lot in their newest flagship A1. Many experimental features have been deployed that have not been tried before and these might be the reason the phone successfully climbs the market or goes down in a spiral. Let’s hope it’s the former.

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