Released in the march of 2017, the LG G6 is a phone that has impressed users from the start and has proved to be a tough competitor to all the premium smartphones out there. In the interest of informing users about how tough exactly the G6 is, we decided out the most liked features of this beast and present them. So here you go!

1.     Display


Makes sense, doesn’t it? The first thing that catches our eye on any phone is the screen that accompanies it. LG G6 comes with a 5.7-inch display that is sculpted from aluminium and glass and has rounded corners and narrow bezels. LG has made sure that display compliments the design really well by giving the screen an 80% body to screen ratio. LG calls this design Full Vision that goes well along with the rest of the design and makes the user experience all the better.

The display comes with a resolution of 1440×2880 pixels and has an astonishing ppi of 564 pixels that makes it Quad HD and in line with today’s technology. To add to that the display also comes with Dolby Vision technology that helps the screen the best possible performance whenever you play any video. The panel used in the construction is IPS LCD and Gorilla Glass 3 has been added to give it an extra layer of durability. The G6’s screen is surely something beautiful and earns the 1st reason this phone is a solid competition.


2.     Camera


Everyone wants to capture their life’s memories and cherish them forever and our phones play a huge role in that and there is no reason we should compromise on the qualities of our photos and videos. Luckily, the G6 gives unparalleled quality by its state of the art rear dual camera setup. The rear camera setup contains two lenses of which both of them are 13MP each. That is 26 Megapixels of pure power! Not to mention the cameras come armed with many different technologies like Phase Detection Auto Focus, Electronic image stabilization, tracking focus, zero shutter lag etc.

The rear cameras record resolutions up to 4K in both video and photos and can even record in slow motion, Hi-Fi video recording and even a wind noise filter that will reduce the disturbance caused by environmental factors.

The front camera contains a wide angle zoom lens with a capacity of 5MP with the ability to record up to 2K while covering more of the frame effortlessly. Other features present in the front camera are embedded directly in the camera software and include Auto Shot, Gesture Shot and even a selfie light that illuminates around the photo to give a clearer view.

The camera department is one of the biggest reasons that make this phone worth the money.


3.     Under the Hood

When it comes to pure performance good hardware is always appreciated as speed can make all the difference in this world. The G6 packs an astounding amount of power that bumps the smartphone up pretty high on the performance benchmarks. The LG G6 comes packed with a Quad Core Snapdragon 821 processor with a clock speed of 2.35Ghz + 1.6Hz. The processor is accompanied by 4GB RAM that is very efficiently optimized by LG’s own UI that makes sure processes use only the amount required and not a morsel more.

The Internal storage that comes with the phone is 64GB that is further expandable all the way to 128GB through microSD card support. Android 7.0 Nougat is the base operating system of the phone and LG has also promised update support for a considerable amount of time. Powering the G6 is a nimble 3,300 mAh battery which is decent at best.

The hardware the G6 packs is very well optimized and provides quality. However, the battery might be a deal breaker for some potential buyers as it’s really not that big.


4.     LG Tone Free


Drawing inspiration from the Apple Air Pods, LG took a good hard look in the smartphone and audio market and came up with the LG TONE FREE. The tone free is a pair of earphones that more or less operate on the same wireless technology used by Apple. The earphones work through Bluetooth and provide a massive standby time of up to 82 hours. You don’t even need to worry about charging as the earbuds are charged by docking them at the neckband that can be conveniently taken along anywhere.

Other additional features include HD sound that is being provided along with Echo Noise cancellation and immersive experience while conversing with people. The LG Tone Free are being given along with the G6 as a mega offer for early birds. LG claims maximum compatibility and best experience if these earphones are used with the G6 which gives this phone another reason for consideration.


5.     Offers & Discounts

If the already impressive tech behind the G6 or the immersive features with the Tone Free isn’t enough then perhaps you will be pleased with what LG is doing for the gamers. Buying the LG G6 right now will give you in game stuff worth Rs. 14,000! This offers includes premium content from over 6 games that will be given absolutely free with the phone along with the DLCs. Moreover, if you book the phone now you will also get discounts worth Rs. 5,000 with your purchase. These discounts include flat cut off of price and other free goodies that LG will send your way.

Since the phone is relatively very new in the market, demand is quite high right now and this is the perfect time for anyone to consider buying this gem. The G6 is an impressive blend of technology and price and is sure to please anyone looking for a premium smartphone. For more details on new and upcoming phones follow us on Facebook!