Instagram has updated its mobile website and added some much required features. Instagrammers can visit from their mobile phones and post on Instagram using its improved functionality.

Users can post photos and also Explore on the mobile website of Instagram. It is worth noting that Explore on mobile is a lightweight version which recommends accounts and posts to users based on their past activities. Earlier users could perform only basic functions e.g. like, following, searching , and checking notifications on the mobile website and desktop site. Though options to post and explore are still unavailable on the desktop website.

Highlights :

  • Users can post photos through mobile website.
  • Basic photo editing like rotate, crop is available.
  • They can also explore on this website.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram also has similar functionality. Users can post photos and update their status from even a basic Nokia Series 40 handset.

Instagram is doing all these to expand its user base. It now wants more than 80% of its users to be outside US, primarily the untapped developing nations. In developing countries, data comes at a high cost and people’s income is also marginal. This deters most of them from downloading apps and not to mention that apps require frequent updating. And also no app means more storage, better responsiveness and better battery life.

Missing Features:

Though the mobile version of Instagram has received a major overhaul, it still doesn’t have the bells and whistles of its app counterpart . Some of the missing features are :

  • No filters are available. It is worth noting that filters are extensively used by Instagrammers.
  • Users can’t upload videos using the mobile website.
  • Users can’t upload to my story.
  • They also can’t send direct messages.

Desktop browsers?

Unfortunately, there has been no major changes for desktop users. Since mobile phones contribute to more than half of the Internet usage, so most of the companies have clear cut ‘mobile first’ philosophy and hence Instagram’s decision to leave desktop website functionality untouched should not come as a surprise. May be in future, they provide these functionalities on desktop. But until then, they can use official Windows 10 app to upload photos.

As of now, since the mobile version is not as functional as the app hence there is little reason to uninstall it. But those who didn’t try Instagram because they couldn’t install the app, they should give it a try.

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