Hello 5: Oneplus 5

OnePlus is a company that came into the world of smartphones swiftly and swept everyone off their feet. With the launch of OnePlus One, a new era ushered in. An era that was defined by excess. OnePlus have always stayed true to their motto ‘Never Settle’ and this has been proven by every phone that has been launched by them. When OnePlus One was first introduced people were shocked by seeing its specifications as making a phone with such serious hardware was not common at that time. That tradition has been followed ever since as all the phones by OnePlus have been excessively powerful.

They again made news in 2016 when it was revealed that OnePlus 3 would have 6GB of RAM. The excess was once again displayed and for good reason as the phone was a massive success among the user market. Time and time again we have been pleasantly surprised by the Chinese company that was established just a few years ago and now serves over 42 countries in such a short time.

Amidst rumors of a new flagship killer being launched after OnePlus 3 and 3T, OnePlus have finally revealed a teaser for their latest upcoming phone the OnePlus 5. The company released a teaser on the social network Weibo which is very popular in China. The teaser consists of a wallpaper that reads Hello 5 which is quite obvious in itself. Moreover, a short statement has also been released that says ‘Hey Summer! Give me 5!’ which puts the release date of the phone around June end to July.

The reason the phone has been named OnePlus 5 instead of 4 seems to be because the number 4 is considered unlucky in China as it means Death.

The specifications of the OnePlus 5 have long been rumored. According to various online retailers, the OnePlus 5 will come with a 5.5 FHD display along with the Snapdragon 835 processor. OnePlus has reportedly upgraded both the cameras in the newest flagship and a dual rear camera setup will most likely be seen with a 3600mAh battery powering it all.

This is where it gets really exciting. After the launch of OP3 we thought the RAM couldn’t get any bigger as 6GB was way more than we were expecting but according to reports, OP5 will have 8GB of RAM! No, you’re not misreading this. 8GB of RAM. OnePlus has taken ‘Never Settle’ way too seriously and we are completely stoked to see how the new phone will use all that power under its hood.

Keep in mind though that all these specs are not confirmed as they stem out of lots of rumors and guesses. However, considering OnePlus’s reputation we doubt that the OP5 will contain any less power. Things have taken a very interesting turn and it is exciting to see how the market reacts to the launch of the new flagship killer. As soon as we get an update you’ll be the first ones to know so keep watching this space for more!