Opera Max 3.0

Opera, the company behind the popular Opera Mini browser, has always focused on data savings. With this very point in mind, it has has an app called Opera Max for Android to save on your data usage. With over 50 million users, the app has been extremely popular and especially in countries where data costs are high. It promises to reduce background data and also reducing data usage during streaming.

Opera today released a massive update to this app – Opera max 3.0. The most noticeable changes are in the User Interface which has been thoroughly redesigned to improve usability. Other changes include data savings for Facebook and better data management.

The app starts with a tutorial on its first use. It shows “app by app” mobile and Wi-Fi data usage. Depending on your usage pattern, it also shows you personalized tips on how to reduce data usage.

Data savings for Facebook

The updated app includes special mode for data saving on Facebook. Its web app for facebook reduces data usage by 50% and at the same time not compromising on usability like timeline updates, instant messaging etc. Apart from Facebook, Opera Max also reduces data usage on YouTube, Instagram etc

Privacy Concerns? Opera has got you covered!

Not only data management, Opera Max 3.0 also helps you avoid privacy concerns. It uses encrypted connections whenever it detects that you are on a public Wi-Fi. It can also boost Wi-Fi connectivity for your apps when in weak signals or crowded Wi-Fi hotspots

How does it work?

With data savings and privacy modes activated, your apps’ content is compressed and encrypted through Opera Max’s servers before it reaches your Android device.

The bad

In one go, you can only get 12 hours of data saving and privacy protection. To remove the times, you have to select VIP mode which gives unlimited access in exchange for an ad on device’s change screen.

Price : Free, Shows ads

Rating : 4.3 / 5.0 out of 2,99,558 ratings


You can experience the new features by downloading the app from Google App store. Click the image below!

Image Source : Opera Max App