Apple Q2 Results Show Decline in iPhone Sales

On May 2nd, the Cupertino giant released its financial results for Q2 2017. As the sales figure stand, iPhone sales have witnessed a decline.

Quarterly Change

From 78,290,000 units of iPhones sold in Q1 2017, Q2 sales stand at 50,763,000 units. The decline is 35%. Consequently revenue has also declined by 39%. Though last year’s Q2 sales figure of iPhone was similar too.


Part of the reasons for decline may be the expected launch of Samsung’s flagship phones Galaxy S8 and S8+. The upcoming 10th anniversary of iPhone might be another reason for buyers withholding their purchase.

Apart from iPhone, iPad and Macbook have also witnessed a decline.  For Q2, iPad shipments declined by 32 % and revenue declined by 30 %. While decline in Macbook sales is 22 % and revenue decline is 19 %.

Year/Year Change

Though the quarterly decline was huge, the year/year decline in iPhone sales is nominal. While the number of iPhones shipped declined by 1 %, revenue witnessed a growth of 1 %. This may be due to higher price of the new model at some places or due to improvement in condition of US dollar in International market.

The iPad reported an year/year decline of 13 % and revenue decline of 12 %. In the same time frame, Macbook shipments have grown by 4 % and revenue is up by 14 %. Quarterly revenue declined by 32 % but yearly revenue has increased by 5 %.

With critics and users embracing the Galaxy S8 and S8+ with both hands and both these phones
breaking sales records , the sales figure and revenue might further witnesses a decline until the launch of next iPhone.

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Source : Apple