We as customers are always looking out for offers that might help save us a rupee or two. For this we browse through multiple websites, make inquiries and are always on the lookout for brand announcements like hawks. But what if I told you that I have found a website that gives all that under one roof. That’s right. Promocodeclub.com does just that.

When I first chanced upon it, I was greeted by a screen covered with boxes after boxes and to be honest I wasn’t really pleased until I started to read in the details. That was when I really got impressed. Promocodeclub displays all the offers available for over 100+ brands all in that little domain. That was something which was really fascinating to me as I have often found myself browsing the internet searching different sites in vain to get that one offer that might please me and help me buy stuff I want.

They have different sections for customers who know exactly what they want. These sections range from Daily Deals and go all the way to Travel. For a confused user like me, I was happy perusing the main page seeing all those offers and efficiently clicking them and checking them out and the best thing about it was, the offers were not limited to any one brand or type of offer. They had offers from brands in every sector like Dominos, Pizza hut, Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Ola and so much more.

The layout of the website was pretty well designed and I liked the way everything was put together. On the right section of the website, an offer for newsletters was also provided so that I really liked as I am a guy who likes to be up to date on everything. Not to mention the recent offers tab that tells you about an offer as soon as it arrives.

To my surprise, they have a Mobile App too which is just beautiful since that makes things easier for me. To give you an idea of what type of offers were displayed. The offers and announcements I saw told me about the flash sales mobile companies like Mi were going to hold, I saw price lists that compared different phones across the spectrum and I saw offers from travel websites. I even saw exciting offers from Bookmyshow.in that saved me a lot of money so for all the movie buffs you really want to check this out.

However, in this day and age web security is a thing that must not be taken lightly and whenever I visit a new site I make sure I am not heading into a trap. So I did my necessary checks and ran Promocodeclub.com through different security websites and I am glad to say it is completely clean. It was then I was satisfied, I visited and what do I see there? They have a DMCA security certificate and it is on the front page. I did all that for nothing! Guess I am getting a little paranoid.

All in all, I am impressed by this website and its functionality. If there is one thing that kept me a little off was its theme. I guess times like these we have become accustomed to flashy websites but Promocodeclub.com makes up in its performance and concept what it lacks in its color palette.