Telecom industry has been the most competitive and talked about industry from the past few years now and with Reliance Jio entering the market with a storm, the industry has only gotten more intense. The recent arguments between Airtel and Jio, after Ookla’s statement is a testimony to the aforementioned statement.

The controversy started when Ookla recently declared Airtel as the fastest mobile network in India, contrary to which Reliance Jio has appealed to ASCI that the Ookla’s fastest mobile network rating is an advertising stunt by Airtel which is misleading for the customers. Jio claims that in the case of dual SIM smartphones, the results of Jio SIM are tagged to Airtel, resulting in an inaccurate outcome.

Analyzing the statement by both the telecom giants, we have come up with an analysis which explains the speedtest result to a great extent.


What exactly is the Reliance Jio’s Argument:

When using a dual sim phone for speedtest the result is attributed to SIM “slot 1” even if the data SIM is in “slot 2”.


The truth that Jio seems to have missed:

In Android phones, test gets tagged to CALLING sim. The slot tray number is insignificant.

Consider the below 2 possible scenarios for a dual sim phone:

·         Jio being used for Data and Airtel for Voice Only: In this case the Jio samples can wrongly be attributed to Airtel

·         Airtel as 4G and Jio as Voice Only: In this scenario, Jio would de-register itself since Jio does not have a 2G/3G network. Hence the Airtel samples get attributed to Airtel.

 Conclusion of the Argument

The so called corruption can only happen from JIO to AIRTEL. Going by the simple logic, if Airtel is a higher average and Jio is lower. It only goes to prove that Airtel would end up being even faster if we remove the low speed Jio samples. Hence proving, Jio to be even faster.

For your reference, we have the official statement from Ookla stating that it completely stands by its statement, claiming Airtel to be the fastest network in the country.


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