Your personal devices are no longer just a piece of electronic equipment that you keep to stay connected with your loved ones and also to the virtual world. They are more than just that, I would like to call them a ‘part of ourselves’. We have indulged ourselves so much into the smartphones and tablets that they have just become a separate part of our body and are inevitable. And thus, they need to look as  elegant and classy as us.

This piece of accessory that we recently discovered is an art which turns your device into a masterpiece and it would not get a chance to missed someone’s attention.

This brand named Carved is on a mission to release all-wooden cases for your smartphones and tablets. The company was started out on December 9, 2011, and by early 2012 they had finalised their design and started selling the Wood+ Polycarbonate cases. It was in 2014 when they completed R&D and prototyping and successfully created a full solid case. They line the interior with suede so as to protect the phone and they also use solid brass buttons to finish it.  They have now expanded their range of products to Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 6P and now iPhone SE as well.



They have a range of products ranging from Slim Case to Solid Case and we got a chance to have a hands-on experience of their Black colored Slim case known as the Lunar Engraved shown below. This slim case is not a full wood piece, at the back is a wooden plate in a polycarbonate casing that also covers the sides and the bezel. This case comes at a price of $29 (which is around INR 1950) plus the shipping charges of $3 if you are shipping it to India. The company has a range of designs in this segment and the prices vary from $24 to $34 based on the designs and the effort that goes into making the case.



My case had a black soft touch finish however it is available in the clear finish as well. It is a slim and stylish case that has been uniquely finished in wood and is all handcrafted in the USA. The case comes in a really simple cardboard packaging with a few documentations and a letter of thanks by the team personally signed. Like most of the cases, it is a Snap-on, Snap-off case and can be easily put on. The case has a natural wood grain finish at the back which is quite unique and would definitely grab attention while sitting on a table. One can not resist touching the back of the case and experience the art. The cases are precisely cut using lasers and the wood is engraved with hands using tools. The case has just perfect cuttings for the silent button, speakers and charging port while the volume rockers and the power button is covered. Both the left and right sides of the cases has a net texture that gives you a firm grip and I love the fact that such details have been taken care of by the brand. The only thing I do not like about the case is the shining polycarbonate part that covers the bezel, instead, the matte finish would have made a better one.

Now for all those conceited people, (just kidding) the company also offers the option of uploading your own design and create a customised case. And I really like the UI that their designer has to offer, which you can check here. The brand also offers products like customised Tees, the all wood power banks etc. This altogether looks a cool package to check out and follow.

Do check out their collection here and also watch this video which shows the efforts and sincerity that goes into building each piece of art.

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Images Courtesy: Hashingtag