Couponing websites explained: A shopper’s coupon guide

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E commerce sales are expected to top a staggering 2.1 Trillion dollars by the end of this fiscal year, 2016. Yet even this stellar a growth in the B2C model does not ring as a surprise to many. For the perks of online shopping, especially those associated with huge savings on time and money, entices hordes of shoppers towards the online route. Thankfully, such a trend is universal i.e. unaffected by the economy of the resident country. As such, a substantial chunk of the total sales transactions are being electronically conducted today, inevitably stiffening up the competition among vendors operating at multiple levels of the chain. They must constantly find new, innovative ways of toppling their peers, not only with the best quality in products, but even with the best deals and discounts offered along with them. This is where couponing websites find their purpose.

What are the advantages of using couponing websites?

With hundreds of merchants offering a bevy of deals on a ton of products, there presses a need for a coupon search engine. These businesses are specialized deal discovery portals that host the latest coupons from a wide array of merchants on a single, regularly updated website. Shoppers can thus save on the pain it takes in locating down specific coupons over the web, from more than a million scattered deals. In this way, using such couponing websites for online shopping saves even more time and money when compared to retail purchases. An icing on the cake it is!

How do couponing websites work?

Many a times, a lot of deals sound too good to be true and people begin suspecting these websites for fishy motives. Unfortunately, the above is an exclusive consequence of the lack of awareness about their business strategy. In laymen terms, the strategy focuses on a mutual benefit for all, and is explained below:

  • The Merchants: In hosting coupons for a variety of merchants, couponing websites make it possible for these vendors to reach out to wider and greater audiences at zero added advertisement costs. In other words, the merchant’s advertisement cost gets shared. This allows them to offer various deals and exciting discounts to the end customers by masking the actual discount as an inferred advertisement cost. If they were to advertise as well on their own behalf, they could’ve never been able to offer such super saving deals to their customers
  • End customers: With a one stop destination for updated discounts and deals, online shoppers are able to save on even more time and money. That too at zero added costs, with the least efforts involved, for these websites are exclusively dedicated to coupons, and hence make deal hunting an easy, user friendly affair
  • Couponing Websites: In this unique system, deal aggregation websites benefit both ways. Their actual content is another company’s catalogue. Furthermore, owing to their association with popular vendors, they’re benefited in the form of large, tailor-made audiences. With increased traffic, they’re able to earn actual revenues by hosting advertisements for other websites

 Thus, the better the offer, the better is the payoff for each and every participant in trade. Hence the entire couponing affair is highly profitable for one and all.

 How to redeem coupons?

These offers are made available in the form of e-coupons, which usually are of two types:

Coupon code
  • One that supplies the user with a code. This code must be entered when checking out at the requisite website, post which the promised amount gets deducted from the total
  • The other is an ongoing deal, already activated. By simply clicking upon the ‘Activate Deal’ template, shoppers are re-directed to the merchant’s own website, where they can learn more about their selected offer and/or browse around for more deals
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A few prominent Couponing websites in India are listed below:

Apart from these, there are many other deal discovery portals offering services in India, infact so many that the entire couponing scenario seems crowded up into a scattered heap of similar businesses.

Which is the best couponing website?

Many of our readers keep asking this on a regular basis. So here’s our say on this subject matter. In our experience, no single company is claim worthy for the tile of the best couponing website in India, for each of these have their own set of pros and cons. Although far from perfect from the industrial point of view, the present scenario does ring up bells and whistles for shoppers. They’re showered with ever-growing varieties and options to choose from.

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Choosing a couponing website

At their core, each of these websites aim at delivering excellent value to customers. But the path taken up for this end, may differ substantially from one portal to the next. As such, customers can make use of the following pointers for choosing a couponing website that’s better suited to their needs.

  • Targeted audience: Their area of operation. Do they deal in globally or nationally? Accordingly their product base and shipping reach
  • Partnership with brands: Do they focus on quality or quantity of brand partnerships? Remember. Specialization calls for an emphasis on quality whereas for variety and choice purposes, quantity of partnerships is the key
  • User interface: A tidily kept UI goes a long way with an easier navigation and eye appeal, whereas an over cluttered UI deters from the overall experience. An approach that balances aesthetics and detail well, would be loved by one and all!
  • Do it yourself guides: Websites with detailed how to’s would cater better to the non-geek community. Whereas those with next generation graphics better appeal to the techies
  • Attention to customer feedback: Customer services are an integral part of customer satisfaction. Some websites are well known for their excellent customer services while some are notorious in this regard.

The above pointers not only help buyers in narrowing their search, but also aid businesses in setting up a target audience.

With this we conclude our short couponing guide. Kudos to all the online shopping facilities for the truck loads of money and time they saves us. Any further queries or confusions are welcomed in the comment section below. Happy couponing!