An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin

Many a times we hear our elders speaking to us of the benefits associated with having a good education. Usually such a scenario begins soon after we enter preschool and continues till the tying of the eternal knot. But what is often overlooked is the way people need to be educated. An educational degree can actually be deemed as good, only when it’s pursued after a long introspection of personal passions and aptitudes. It’s only then we can expect our long investments to pay off and our thirst for knowledge to remain adequately fulfilled. Here you can get a practical O-level chemistry exam for practice of education for the student.

But unfortunately, our country sorely lacks in such crucial regards, with both students and parents still astonishingly inept with the educational scenario. Furthermore, even in the wake of the 21st century, people still hesitate going for counselling sessions to career professionals. As such, the majority of our youth, in the absence of a concrete source of knowledge, ends up making poor career choices, essentially sealing off all hopes for a bright future ahead.

Despaired by the chaos, Collegedunia aims at empowering the youth by befitting them with an easily accessible source of requisite knowledge so that they are able to make wise and informed career decisions. It aims at establishing itself as the one stop educational portal to look up to, for all participants in the scenario namely the students, their parents and even educational institutions.


The website is armed with a repository of over 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses, which Collegedunia delivers to their readers with an unmatched ease. The interface of the website is kept nice and clean with multiple tabs for separate streams. For reference, check out how the website neatly lists out a bevy of Commerce Colleges, or alternatively the following screenshot depicts the very same for managements institutions.

Students can search for their Alma mater of choice using the predictive search box, or browse around Collegedunia’s own listing of colleges which are sorted as per rankings. These rankings are accumulated from a variety of sources, yet they are usually reflective of the parameters worked upon by their own staff. The results can further be filtered using a combination of city, state, course and stream. At its core, the website is a search engine just like Google is, but its limited to educational scenarios in India. Such a specialization makes it perfectly suited for college related queries. Its uniqueness lies in the sheer amount of data made available to their readers. There’s possibly more information about a college here, than even the college folks might themselves be aware of.

  • Pictures , videos and contact details of the campus complete with the fee structure and enrollment criteria’s
  • Detailed information about affiliations, placements, last year statistics and prominent recruiters
  • Insights into the college of choice, such as the international presence, celebrated festivals, strides towards holistic curriculum, and even faculty details

In our test notes, we found all of the information in a working, accurate and an up to date state. For exemplary purposes, check out this link to Collegedunia’s take on SRCC, one of the most prominent educational institution our country has ever seen. The quality as well as the sheer quantity of information on the college blew us away.

Apart from searching for educational institutions, students can also learn about various entrance examinations including the GMAT prep course reviews, which are kept up to date along with their periodic date-sheets. There’s also, an interactive blog where the administrators of the website speak about various scenarios ongoing in multiple streams.


The website makes use of its extensive database and efficient categorization for serving the needs of worrisome parents looking for an ideal institute for their wards. Since adults are usually detached with technology, the data is made available to them in the form of easily comprehensible parameters such as ratings, rankings, fee structures, infrastructure details, hostel facilities and even an insight into the probable returns associated with the institution in question. Thus the beauty here lies in the simplicity of things. Parents need not look any further, even for  minute details, and any external queries are handled by the website itself, further enriching their online visit. When we tested out their eligibility links with queries,  we were immediately dispensed with accurate and requisite qualifications. In simple words, everything at Collegedunia works more or less as advertised.


Collegedunia provides a capable yet, a non-conventional platform for private institutions of high repute, in their recruitment procedure. These days, vacancies for specialized courses are usually limited and even institutions, desire for only the best of the bunch. As such, the advanced data segregation parameters exercised by Collegedunia, go a long way in helping out these institutions towards an optimum selection candidates.


  • A unique concept with an equally brilliant implementation
  • Stands tall to its claims of being a one stop education centric portal
  • The quality and the quantity of information is astonishing
  • The user interface of the website is kept nice and clean
  • Goes beyond educational institutions. Incorporates details of entrances and in demand professions
  • An adult friendly data base
  • Provision of online, one to one inquiries

Collegedunia hits the sweet spot for an ideal business model. It incorporates the much needed element of public welfare and fuses the same with their own expansion motives. Its conceptually unique and comprehensive forays have helped the firm raise a staggering 1, 50,000 USD, which is directly reflective of the faith investors keep in its potential success. We ourselves couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of awe at the flawless execution of the idea. There may still be a few rough patches here and there, but they seem rather minuscule when compared to the hordes of praises that we lend to the folks at Collegedunia, for indeed it’s the educational portal our country has been sorely lacking, for so long.