Etymotic stands for ‘true to the ear’ and the company does keep its word with the wide range of products focussed at those with the hearing loss and also for the music lovers. We got a chance to review the Etymotic MK5 Isolator earphones and here’s what we have to say about it.

Talking about the packaging of the device, it is indeed simplistic listing all the key features on the rear. The earphones weigh less than 1oz with an impedance of 32 ohms and frequency response being 20Hz to 15Hz.


On opening the packaging, you would find the earphones, the user manual, a carrying pouch and a few accessories which include large eartips, a cable clip and foam ACCU-Fit eartips. It is always a pleasant feeling to find a carrying pouch along with the earphones so as to keep it safe and secure. You would also find a compartment inside the pouch for keeping the additional eartips. The helpful part in the manual tells you how to insert the earphones to get the best out of it. The ACCU-Fit eartips provide a good grip giving an ear-filling music experience.

Inserting these long eartips might take some time to get used to it as they go pretty deep into the ears. Once you have them inserted properly, they provide excellent isolation and a great hearing experience. But then it did get a little uneasy when used for a longer duration.

Here comes the difference when you compare MK5 with other earphones. While the eartips of the standard earphones stay on the end, the ones for the MK5 slide over the barrel and thereby creating longer eartips leading to better isolation.


Let’s talk about some numbers of these impressive MK5 earphones. Plug them in and you’d feel cut from the world around, such is the level of isolation. They offer 98% or 35-42dB noise isolation. The high frequencies felt a little too loud on the ears in terms of sound reproduction. If we speak about the vocals, they did sound a little unnatural at times. This might be because the bass levels are not too good in the MK5. Since it happened only at times, you would not really realise it much.

Priced at $59 at the time of writing, Etymotic MK5 Isolator earphones are well worth the cost. The isolation level pretty much covers for the cost and is of great on-the-go use. Using these earphones while travelling is when you would realise the true worth because you wouldn’t need to play it at high volumes to prevent the outside noise. We do recommend the earphones and they are well worth it. Hit the link below to buy online.

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