In a short span of 9 months, Creo decided and build a Smartphone and an Android-based smartphone named Creo Mark 1, which they have announced to launch on 13th of this Month. As they mention on their official blog, this smartphone is going to have an all glass and metal design running their home made Operating System based on Android.



Invite for the Launch


As their tagline says ‘A new phone every month’ it will be interesting to see what they actually have in store. Their introductory video also goes in sync with their tagline and it shows a new phone being born from the previous one. You can check out the video below.


Other than these details mentioned on their blog, there is another thing that makes this smartphone different from the league, and this is the #EngraveMyPhone feature. The company mentions that the customers will have the option to get a 40 character tagline or name or motto engraved on the metal chassis of the body which would give their device a personal touch.



Well, the offerings with the smartphone seem to be pretty interesting and also have a lot of suspense in them, it is going to be an interesting event to look forward to. We would be covering the launch event on Gadgetadda, so stay tuned to get updates on the device.

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