The second most widely used Social Network known as Twitter began with a single Tweet (from the founder itself) 10 years ago and since then, the Social Network has been the hub of the trending topics and other updates around the Globe.

Today Twitter turns 10 and it is celebrating the occasion by wishing all its users (with the Tweet below) who have been a part of making the Twitter family so awesome all along its journey.


From the Mumbai attacks of 26/11 where the Social Media platform was used by the hostages to tweet the live situation inside the hotel and also by the media people to report the event, to the Nirbhaya case in which people from all the genres of life came together to vent their outrage and display their solidarity to wave of revolution across the country, Twitter has played a vital role as a communication medium.

Twitter also heard the roar of the billion of people who were filled with joy when India lifted the world cup after 28 years in the year 2011. Like this, Twitter has shared 10 iconic moments in the Indian history in the Infographic below.

India Milestones on Twitter

Twitter has also released the data showing Twitter in Numbers, where they have listed the most mentioned Emoji, the most talked about celebrity, most tagged City and many more such things, enjoy the Infographic below.




Below is another Infographic that shows the evolution of the Twitter logo in these  10 years.




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