• A better and an improved version of its predecessor
  • Better Sweat Proofing
  • Matter Finish
  • Elegant fin design
  • Newly designed carrying case
  • Better wireless connection
  • High quality audio and deep bass


  • Difficult to fit at first
  • Design is somewhat similar to the previous version
  • Bit expensive



The sports oriented gadget manufacturer Jaybird after the success of the Jaybird X headphones launched its updated version which is the Jaybird Sport X2 in ear headphones with a great set of changes and improvements. This device with with its strong sound quality and a great bass has received a good response from its loyal fan bases which majorly include the athletes and gym freaks. Priced at $175 + taxes in US and in India for Rs. 19k from Amazon this is a high budget set of earbuds that are sweat proof and can last all along your week with a decent 2 hours per day usage. It is one of the best sounding earphones in the market, well balanced with higher edge for the treble, so if you are a bass fanatic it might not excite you that much as the Oomph factor for bass is missing.


Setting up the device is not as fast it seem to be, I failed a couple of times to set it up according to my ear space and then if your friend next door wants to use the device, the process needs to be repeated just in case they have a different ear size. The packaging of the headphones seems to be pretty awesome with a briefcase design and holds the key components decently. Its comes with a 3 fin set holding the small, medium and large size,  similarly the eartips also come in 3 different sizes in 2 sets, one with the rubber finish and the other set has the foam material. The box also contains a couple of clips to bend the cable and shorten its length, I particularly do not like this feature because you would not expect a clip based shortening method for a $190 earphones when you have much better options.

The device comes with a case which is a much improved version of the previous generation. It has a soft finish and a solid body that can protect your headphones during a fall from a decent height.



Coming on to the tip, the eartips fit so snuggly into your ear that there is a complete noise cancellation from the environment. So if you are of a type who would want to use the headphones while riding a bike then these are not your type. There are a couple of types in which you can set these earphones in your ears, one of which is to wrap it around the back of your neck and then insert in the ear from the upper side of the ear and the other way is to bring if from downward of the ear, out of the two the former offers a much better fit however you may of the type who would like to compromise the comfort with the quality and hence use the later approach. When you switch on the device and establish a bluetooth connection a female voice notifies you as in the previous version and similarly when the battery is low.


This headphones excels in another department which is the bluetooth connectivity, the connection of the device is very strong and it remains connected even if you tend to forget your phone in any other room (specifically within 10 metres).  A couple of times I used the device to make calls and it managed to perform with a decent connectivity and did not face any hiccups.


The earphones comes with a standard micr0 USB charging port which is smartly concealed behind the casing of the right earphone. The remote of the headphones is also at a reachable position from the right headphone. The remote can be used to take calls or control the music like skipping the tracks or level up the volume.

The Bluetooth Jaybird X2 earphones comes with a plenty of color options code named as Alpha, Storm, Midnight, Fire, Ice, Charge.

Final Verdict

In an all I would say that Jaybird instead of completely overhauling the previous earbuds X has managed to carefully examine the things which worked properly and which did not, laid out the plan for these Jaybird X2 earphones. They offer secure fit which manages to cancel the noise and produce a good performing audio making them ideal for the sports person offering better connectivity and sweat proof body. So it would be a bang for your buck just in case you are planning to buy one for yourself.

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