Apple looks all set for their next event scheduled for Monday, March 21. A new iPhone, a new iPad and a little more is what we expect from the event. Apple, six months ago, announced the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, enhancements to Apple Watch designs and iOS updates. This time around, it all seems to be a sequel to all that was launched in the last event. As per the recent advancements, Apple might unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, a smaller iPad Pro and some exciting new Apple Watch bands. Along with that, we might also see an update to the existing iOS 9.

Smaller iPhone SE


No doubt that the bigger screen phones are in, Apple still believes that a smaller one can do some magic sales. There have been a number of news outlets and analysts who have reported that Apple has been working on a new 4-inch iPhone, reportedly named iPhone SE as per 9to5Mac.

As we all know that Apple rarely comes with a cheaper(in terms of price) device, it would not really be wise here to expect a low-end cheap device. The new smaller iPhone is expected to be a fusion of iPhone 6 and 6S in terms of performance and resembling to iPhone 5/5S. What that significantly means is that a buyer will not have to sacrifice on power by choosing such a device.

Smaller iPad Pro


Apple is expected to launch yet another 9.7-inch iPad this month and 9to5Mac reports that it will go under the iPad Pro family rather than an increment in the iPad Air line. Covering it under the Pro family essentially indicates that it will have all those features that sets the Pro apart, just that it might be a 9.7-inch model instead of the 12.9-inch initial Pro. However, it will have four speakers, stylus support, additional RAM and a faster processor along with the availability of 128Gb capacity. It is also expected to have a connector on the side for attaching a keyboard case and the base model of 32GB will sell for $599, a $100 more than what the base model of the iPad Air 2 stands at.

New Apple Watch Bands

Did anyone realise that Apple Watch is already almost an year old now? Anyways, it still sounds like we have to wait some more time for a new one. As per TechCrunch, there isn’t going to be a new Apple Watch this time, but what may be announced are some new Apple Watch bands. According to 9to5Mac reports, Apple might show off some new colour options in potential partnership with additional high-fashion brands, as it happened with Hermes previously. Also, black version of the Milanese Loop to match the Space Black Watch is expected this time around.

A small update to WatchOS, version 2.2, is also expected in the Monday event.

A Possible iOS 9.3 Update

Not that this is something frequent, but Apple is expected to launch a new iOS 9 update at the event which will have a plethora of new features. These include a toggle option that would change your iPhone’s or iPad’s display to use colours that are easier on your eyes at night, the ability to create notes secured by Touch ID, and some improved Apple News recommendations.