So you just completed your 12th  and wondering what to do next? Engineering, Medical, Law or just confused? Do you even have a mere cinch about the best commerce colleges in India or the list of top engineering colleges in Delhi NCR? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, you have, serving you a one stop platform, a personal admission assistant, Collegedunia.


Let us first fix our gaze at the very basic level of information. Collegedunia has a repository of nearly twelve thousand colleges from entire India. When someone eager to know anything about these institutions opens the website, he witnesses a volley of course headings dedicated to a number of professional and educational courses namely Architecture, Commerce, Design, Education, Pharmacy, Science with tools from Exoplanet Science, Agriculture, Aviation, Computer Application, Medical Science, Paramedical Science, Arts, Management, Dental Science, Engineering, Hotel Management, Veterinary Science, Law, Mass Communication, Arts and Vocational Courses – probably the lengthiest one among all the educational web portals; he or she can well make the precise choice of his or her dream course from this list, without much effort. What if he or she gets bewildered among the sea of the course headings? Simply he can search for all colleges or the top universities from a single click itself.



When an aspiring student searches for any particular college or institution, what first captivates his eyes is the rating of this institution, depicted in large font in bright green color. From this very moment, the student starts forming an opinion whether to make that particular college his or her dream institution. Then comes the list containing the Courses offered, along with their fees and seats available; but that’s not all, as then one can see the effectiveness of the courses offered by the individual course-rating card, which is the most unique feature of Collegedunia. Then comes the list containing the Streams offered by this institution, along with relevant information addressing the courses, the seats available, here also the ratings belonging to each stream. Through the photo gallery, one can pre-visualize the beauty of almost the entire campus while the brief description about this very institution nurtures his awareness towards the history and legend of this institution. Regarding his or her future establishment, he or she can well plan it ahead with the help of the Placement column, which contains the names of the coveted companies that have done their ‘campusing’ so far in this institution. A detailed list of the entire faculty along with their respective degrees of excellence and the detailed contact information is provided as the most basic help to a new-comer student.  After such extremely useful information, if a student wishes to search for similar institutions, he or she can well do that from the current page as the list of such colleges are provided too at the bottom of the page. Therefore, it’s a forward journey for a new aspirant.



Screenshots of the Collegedunia App

Collegedunia proves itself as the final destination for every aspiring higher student and sets itself much ahead of the contemporary competitors. Just to cater some dry information to some students probably is not the best way to prepare them for the ground reality of the vast educational horizon of India. Fierce competition often puts out the fire within a new enthusiast and thus removes that unfortunate student from the arena. And this is where the exclusiveness of Collegedunia web portal ushers as the savior for the millions of aspiring students. In its News section, this coveted website provides the students with really useful materials for their future success, as armors for their upcoming battlefield. When a student, willing to be quite advanced in his or her preparation and eager to get well ahead of the competitors, visits the news section of this website, his or her eyes at once fix at the varied suggestions, of each and every possible type, to crack a truly useful examination.

A unique feature still awaits those students, who are serious enough to give their career the utmost importance. As to give the very fine finishing touch to all their hard-pressed efforts, Collegedunia provides the students with the most useful, personal guidance from the renowned experts of the education industry like the Principals, Deans, Pro Vice Chancellors, Professors and Executive Directors of various colleges, universities and coveted institutions. Their words, brought forth from their vast experience and profound knowledge of education industry are presented in interview formats here, in this news section of this website. From the detailed yet crisp manner of such interviews, students can easily fetch out the most useful pieces of information for the preparation of their future goals.


Thus Collegedunia not only gives preference to the aspiring, young and energetic students but also, pays sole tribute to the ‘gurus’ of education industry. After all, if a student succeeds in his or her hard endeavor by following step by step his or her teacher’s advice, then probably it’s the best ‘gurudakshina’ for that teacher. The unique combination of the most basic and the most advanced features makes the website the most eligible search engine for every aspect of higher studies in India not only for the students and their caring parents, but also for the big players in the field of the educational scenario of our country, and has set this website miles ahead than its competitors already.

It’s no wonder that merely within a single year of time, already thirty-two thousand cups of coffee have been consumed in Collegedunia Web Pvt. Ltd., as it has the true ability to engage millions of people from the different strata of Indian society solely for the sake of higher studies in India in the upcoming days.

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