The image above shows a white version of the HTC 10 from all angles, though you should take a note that these are just computer rendered images and do not display the exact handset.

Unlike the Smartphone behemoths, HTC did not announce or unveil it’s flagship device of the year at the MWC 2016, however it just left the audience puzzled by rolling out a teaser (just showing the outline of the device) and make them keep thinking about the device and its specs until the apt time which hasn’t come yet.


HTC 10 carries a USB-C port at the bottom of the device, 2 capacitive buttons on each side of the home button in the centre.

But since we are living in a scenario where the it’s really hard to keep things a secret, there have been a couple of rumours (which apparently are going to be true, based on history) making rounds on the internet about the HTC’s flagship device which has been codenamed as HTC 10( ditching the conventional naming convention they have been following that uses M as a prefix, according to Evan Blass aka @evleaks).  Since then there have been leaks (below is a list of those Tweets) showing rendered images and prototypes from the two tipsters (@onleaks and @eveleaks) showing the device from different angles, even the spec sheet of the device has been released.

So to summarise things, we have listed out the details which have been released about the device so far.

  • HTC has ditched their conventional naming strategy and has given the name HTC 10 to their flagship device this year.
  • The device codenamed as HTC 10, will be launched in mid-April and would probably be available for purchase in early to mid-May.
  • Looking at the pictures leaked, it is interesting to find out that the front of the device is completely inspired by the previous generation iPhones however the back sticks to the HTC’s signature design tricks.
  • In the images leaked by @OnLeaks, the HTC 10 carries a USB-C port at the bottom of the device, 2 capacitive buttons on each side of the home button in the centre. The back of the device has beveled edges and the headphone jack has been moved to the top (from the bottom of the last year’s M9). The laser auto- focus is also visible just below the flash.
  • @OnLeaks also claims that the device will feature a 5.15 Inch Quad-HD display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor supported by a 4GB RAM and 12 Megapixel rear camera.

Well, the spec sheet for the device looks at par with the 2016 flagships from different companies however the screen size of 5.15 is the only trade-off that can be seen just like the LG G5.

#HTC10 (prototype specs) 5.15″ QHD / SD820 / Adreno 530 / 4GB RAM / 12MP / USB Type-C



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