According to a report by Financial Times Apple is all set to enter and heat up the Virtual Reality market. The report mentions that Apple has aqcuired a lot of Virtual Reality based startups and has also set up a team of Virtual and Augemented Reality Experts. They suggest that the team has built up several prototypes over last few months and has been testing them rigorously.

Apple recently acquired Flyby Media, a start up who has developed technology which identifies the objects in real world and has closely worked with Google on Project Tango. Apple has also poached and hired some experts from its rival companies like Microsoft and Lytro. This move by Apple to think beyond smartphones is likely at the right time when the iPhone sales seems to be slowing down.

It would be a game to look forward to when there are other players like Facebook owned Oculus, Samsung and HTC who have already tried their hands in the domain. Have something amazing to add to this story? Feel free to use the comment section below.