The silicon valley startup ‘Slack‘ that has been disrupting the businesses focussing on how business personals communicate among themselves for handling project related activities, has taken a major move by integrating Skype Video and Audio calls with their app. This now makes it possible to hold business conferences through the app which would help you stick right to the topic without switching between two separate apps.

Slack has limited the number of participants to 10 in video conferencing while 25 in a voice conference call, once the limit is reached you would not be able to add more people. The guest joining has been enabled only in the web version for now, soon to come for app. Let’s quickly get onto the steps for initiating a Skype call while using the slack.

  1. Visit here and click on ‘Add to Slack’ button and the setup starts
  2. Now confirm the team you want to join in and select ‘Authorize’ if it’s the right team else click ‘Change Teams’ to switch
  3. Now use Skype free with slack by just ‘/Skype’ in any channel to start the video or audio call

Well, that seems to be easy, right? Feel free to ask if you have any query related to the process.