Flipkart in another move to disrupt the shopping landscape in India has launched  an app for Windows 10 interface, which is now available to the consumers on all platforms viz. Mobile, Tablets and Desktops. The app will now offer the users a seamless experience across all form factors offering a much more personalized interface inheriting features such as customized merchandising and shopping recommendations and like always windows customers will be able to avail the so called ‘App Only’ offers right through the app.


The Flipkart app for windows has been developed keeping mind the touch as well as non-touch interfaces and has been optimized for different input like track pad, keyboard and mouse. The app becomes the first to introduce the product tabs feature which enables consumers to open different tabs in the background for later reference of the products thereby providing a fast and efficient browsing experience.

You can download the app on all the platforms from the links right here below.













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