Dickson Lee, General Manager, APAC Smart Device of Letv and Anish Kapoor, Head Smartphones Sales, Letv

LetV a leading i-conglomerate who has been making the news days is all set to take us to the future with the launch of its innovative products which includes the Le 3D Helmet, LeMe Bluetooth Headphones and the Super Cycle. The devices launched a day before by the General Manager,  APAC Smart Device of Letv,  Mr. Dickson Lee showcase the company’s eclectic ecosystem with their effort to offer their consumers breakthrough technologies at sustainable prices.

The Le 3D Helmet and the LeMe Bluetooth Headphones will offer a unique audio and video entertainment experience to the users taking it to another level. With the third product which is the Super Cycle is not just like any other cycle but a whole new experience, it will make your life easier and much more fun. It is an internet enabled self powering transport system.

All the devices listed have been integrated with the content based eco-system which offer amazing experience and great performance with a good battery and best in class aesthetics. They mention that the company is working towards providing the users a smooth experience coupled with good visuals, graphics and battery life without compromising with the performance. Let’s get on to each device and know more about them.


Launch of 3D Helmet, Bluetooth Headphones and SuperCycle

Le 3D Helmet

The Le 3D helmet is equipped with a 5.5 Inch Sharp 2K LCD display with a resolution of 2560*1440 offering 70° of view with sharp and a customized user experience. With great aesthetics and weighing just 450 gms the device becomes easy to carry and hold .The helmet has a USB type C port that connects with your phone. The device would enable you to view videos and play enhanced games.


Le Helmet

LeMe Bluetooth Headphones

This set of Bluetooth headphones with a dimension of 180*176.8*62.8MM and speakers offering frequency response of 20Hz– 20,000Hz offers ultimate wireless audio experience.  The device supports 195mAh Li-ion battery giving you 10 hours of play time and 26.5 days of stand by time with a charge of 2 hours.  It comes with a charging port of Micro USB Type B and weighs just 240 gm. You can chose from a range of colors like pink, red, blue orange and white.


LetV Super Cycle Gadgetadda

Super Cycle

First of its kind, it is an internet enabled self powering transport system with a set of sensors integrated in the cycle. The cycle collects all the data while you are cycling,  monitors the way you cycle and using the cloud computing it provides you real time statistical data. The longer you use the more precise and customized data it would generate. The device has been made really smart with the keyless and chain less anti theft technology, installed with the Fingerprint security the device becomes way cooler and special for you. With mobile app controls you can position your device in real time and also lock, unlock the device, it also offers built in walkie talkie, Bluetooth technology and a 3G WCDMA communication module making the cycling much more fun where you can share real data with your friends and make them green with envy. The list is not yet complete, it also has cross device inter-connectivity, automatic power generation and gives you precise positioning with real time navigation.

LetV entered the smartphone market in April 2015 and there on they have recieved a great response from the consumers selling over a million Le Superphones in just November, which has made it the best selling smartphone product on the internet. And the company plans to launch the smartphone in India soon.

This a great bet by the conglomerate and it will be a good show to watch as to how the consumers turn up to these. And as it seems, there is a lot more expected from LetV, its just a starting. So stay tuned for more updates and feel free to comment and express your views in the comment section below.